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Where We Are in Prophecy--Part 9

Apr 02, 2008

Let me enlarge a bit on the topic of "The Prophetic Year," which I mentioned last time. I wrote that it begins shortly after the feast of Tabernacles each year, and that it always begins with two 76-day periods of cleansing. The beginning, middle, and end dates are always "watch dates," because they reveal something about what God is doing in any particular year, culminating with the next feast of Tabernacles.

I have rather complete records going back to 1981-82. But in those earlier years I was unaware of these 76-day cycles, so some of the records are incomplete. It was not until 1991 that I began to see the pattern and to understand that it was repeating EVERY year, instead of just occasionally.

These two 76-day cycles essentially take us from Tabernacles to the following Passover season. We then watch Passover, because, as a feast day, God usually does something that reveals another side to this feast.

Occasionally, we find we must also watch the Second Passover (a month later), since this often has an "echo" effect to the previous Passover revelation.

The next feast to watch is Pentecost, which comes 7 weeks after the wave sheaf offering ("Easter").

Then there is a 3-month interim before the autumn set of feast days arrives. In the interim, we are able to watch the month of July as a forerunner to September. There was an old revelation from about 1980 (given to someone else, but which I have found to be valid), which says, "July is like September."

In practice, it means that God always does something in the month of July which is fulfilled on the same day in September. For instance, in 1985 we were led to go into spiritual warfare in late July, after I had a rather startling vision on the night of July 26 in which I saw a round mass coming across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa. In the vision, the round mass struck Washington D.C., and then I saw in it a man who would become President of the USA.

Anyway, we were called to go into spiritual warfare to prevent it from hitting Washington D.C. In fact, we were called to put a "prayer block" in front of Washington DC to prevent it from hitting the city. We only knew that the purpose of this warfare was to prevent someone from becoming President.

Two months later, on Sept. 17, 1985, a tropical depression formed off the coast of Africa and began to travel across the Atlantic Ocean. On Sept. 22, it became a hurricane and was called "Gloria." It veered north on Sept. 24 and traveled north along the eastern coast of America. Everyone thought it would hit Washington D.C.

On the night of Sept. 26 Hurricane Gloria suddenly veered back out to sea and bypassed Washington D.C. It struck New York City instead in the early morning hours of Sept. 27, 1985. All of this can no doubt be verified by official records, except for the warfare that we did two months earlier in Batesville, Arkansas. That would have to be verified by the 35 people who participated in it.

The point is that we acted in faith in July, and we saw the results of our faith two months later in September. There were probably millions of people who prayed against Hurricane Gloria after it had become a hurricane and was threatening their homes. But we learned through this that the value of prayer has more to do with the level of faith-obedience than anything else. When one prays two months in advance, it requires genuine faith. When one prays in the face of extreme danger, the prayer is usually motivated more by fear than faith.

In the following election, President Clinton was unable to run for office in 1988, but he did succeed in the following election in 1992. I conclude that our warfare in 1985 was designed to postpone his candidacy to the appointed time.

So we watch July every year to see what might occur in September as the prophetic year reaches its culmination. Then, of course, the feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hoshana) is the first of the autumn feasts, followed by the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), and finally the feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth). This completes the revelation of the year, and we then assess and analyze the progress of the Kingdom.

The prophetic year is a major revelation that has stood the test of time since at least 1981-82. I have not met anyone who discovered it or who monitored events prior to that time. Most people do not keep journals either of current events or of personal revelation. Without written records, it is difficult to construct such patterns, because we do not know what patterns exist until we have had some years to observe them.

In our remaining space on this weblog, I will give you a more recent example of how the "July is like September" revelation applied to world events. In 2001 we did more spiritual warfare than any other year before or afterward. The most intense warfare occurred from July 1-15, 2001. It started when just a few of us (8 people in all) began to encounter small groups of "the enemy" in the heavens. But after a few days, we began to encounter armies of spiritual entities.

These enemy armies then began to attack us in large numbers, and we wondered if we needed more angelic help. But then we learned an important lesson. Numbers were irrelevant when it came to spiritual warfare. Though we had generally pictured spiritual warfare in terms of a battlefield, it was, in fact, a COURT BATTLE. In the divine court, it does not matter how many people are on one side of the dispute or the other. All that really matters is: "what side of the law are you on?"

The Judge will give the victory to the one who is in the right, not to the one who has the most support in the audience. The law of judges is clear in Exodus 23:6, 7,

" (6) You shall not pervert the justice due to your needy brother in his dispute. (7) Keep far from a false charge, and do not kill the innocent or the righteous, for I will not acquit the guilty."

So we discovered that we did not need more angelic help, though billions of the enemy might come against just a few of us. Why? Because we had a righteous Judge to hear the case in our court battles. Yet the battles intensified, and by the night of July 10 it turned into an international conflict. Up to that point, it had been a conflict between them and just eight of us who were communicating by telephone from three different locations. But suddenly the enemies broadened the attack to include America itself. Thus, I wrote in my journal, "Apollyon sends 21 million reinforcements to attack America. Personal attack now moves [shifts] to America."

This occurred the night of July 10, 2001, which by Hebrew time was the beginning of July 11, 2001. Two months later, of course, was Sept. 11, 2001, and the newspaper headlines the next day screamed, "AMERICA ATTACKED."

What most people did not realize was that the spiritual attack in July was the REAL warfare, conducted purely by faith and not by sight. Our two-week warfare in the heavens is being played out over a longer period of time in the earth, of course, but I can say with confidence that we win in the end. We already saw the victory, so we cannot lose in the long run.

Meanwhile, however, this present conflict will continue until we are forced to acknowledge our rebellion against God. The enemy armies could not harm the eight who were engaging them in spiritual warfare, because we were careful to do all things in a lawful manner (except for one mistake we made on July 5, which had to be corrected). But America itself is not conducting itself lawfully in the sight of God. And so America itself was vulnerable to attack, and this is what occurred in the heavens on July 10/11 and in the world on Sept. 11, 2001.

This is the final part of a series titled "Where We Are in Prophecy." To view all parts, click the link below.

Where We Are in Prophecy

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