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Where We Are in Prophecy--Part 8

Apr 01, 2008

The date of September 11, 2001 already stands out as one of the most defining dates in modern American history--and, indeed, in world history.

This date is important in prophecy as well, both as a negative and as a positive. It is a negative in that we will eventually call it the beginning of World War III. It is a positive in that it was the beginning of Haggai's prophetic ministry to complete the Temple of Living Stones in the New Jerusalem.

I believe that we are on the brink of major disaster for Babylon and the manifestation of the sons of God. The most important event to watch for today is the day of repentance, for this will provide the true spark that will soon light the world and provide the fireworks in the house of Babylon. I hope that ReignDown USA on April 26 will prove to be that date; but we have seen many days of national repentance come and go with only a hot breeze and no real change in thought, belief, or action.

Human nature being what it is, great changes like this have seldom taken place except in the face of disastrous circumstances. True repentance brings a revolution of changes, not merely a reformation or revival. Babylon will not simply be reformed, nor is it the divine plan to bring about another revival of Pentecost. We are, instead, at the crossroads of history, the end of a captivity, the end of the Pentecostal Age, and we are at the beginning of a Tabernacles Age that is to be ruled in righteousness by manifested sons of God.

God's plan is being counterfeited by the so-called "New Age Movement." One of the most basic differences between these two movements is that God's true movement is God-centered, while the other is man-centered. The true move of God is based upon the two works of Christ--that is, the death of Christ on the cross and the living work in His second appearance.

The counterfeit treats sin as mere ignorance, and "sinners" are said to need more teaching to become an "ascended master." In other words, they want to experience the feast of Tabernacles, but they want to attain it in apart from the cross. To put it in biblical terms, they want the second dove, but do not want to be dipped in the blood of the first dove (Lev. 14:6, 7).

April 26, 2008 is the date of ReignDown USA. I cannot help but associate it in some way with April 25, 1982 when the full-page advertisements appeared in newspapers worldwide proclaiming, "The Christ is Now Here." It was placed by Benjamine Creme, spokesman for the counterfeit christ movement of Lord Maitreya, the head of the Sufi Muslim group called the Ahmadiyyah movement. (See my blog on Feb. 22, 2008.)

It may be that the true time of repentance will have to wait for the Day of Atonement of some year.

There is something that you should bear in mind when discerning the plan of God in any given year. Since 1981, we have been able to track what I call "the prophetic year." Each prophetic year culminates at the feast of Tabernacles in late September or in October. Then there is an interim of a few weeks. Then some event appears to trigger the beginning of the next prophetic year.

That triggers the start of two 76-day periods. The number 76 is the number for "cleansing" in Scripture, as I explained in my book, Secrets of Time. We have just come to the end of the second 76-day period this year (2008). The prophetic year began on Oct. 31, 2007 with the 490-year anniversary of Martin Luther's "95 Theses."

The first 76-day period ended on January 14, 2008. On that day the FDIC issued a formal letter, posting it online, informing the public that they would have to make some changes. The FDIC, you know, insures people's bank deposits in case the bank goes bankrupt. But the FDIC has never had to deal with more than about 175,000 depositors in any bank failure. They said that they might have to deal with many millions of lost deposits soon. Hence, the rule changes.

The end of the second 76-day period fell on March 29/30. I had mistakenly thought the date fell on March 31 or April 1st, but I discovered my mistake last week. So the 76th day fell on Saturday, March 29, and this also marked the end of the spiritual warfare that had begun on March 10.

You may recall that my car was stolen on March 10 while we were in Little Rock. It was found by the police on March 27, and I recovered it on March 29 after they finished dusting it for fingerprints. So the car ended up defining the time of the warfare. Why am I not surprised?

If we analyze the entire time frame from Oct. 31, 2007 to March 29, 2008, we see something interesting emerge. October 31 is connected to Martin Luther and the Reformation. Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the church door on the same day that the Ottoman Turks captured Jerusalem (Oct. 31, 1517). It was truly a historic date. Then 400 years later, General Allenby captured Jerusalem from the Turks in 1917. It is as if Jerusalem had a 400-year captivity.

Now, of course, we are living 90 years later at the time of the 490th anniversary, Oct. 31, 2007. Senator Grassley then began investigating the spending practices of six wealthy evangelists.


So essentially, in this time frame we are seeing two themes emerge: money and the church. Of course, 490 years earlier, Martin Luther's main contention centered around the issue of "indulgences," where people were encouraged to pay for their relatives to get out of purgatory and go to heaven. He felt that this was a cruel way for the church to raise money, to say nothing of its doctrinal deficiencies.

Many evangelists today have similar problems with the love of money in a tendency to raise money by fraud and deceit. It may be that Sen. Grassley's investigation could begin to hold these evangelists accountable, and this has the potential of toppling many ministries that have built their little towers of Babel.

So we have now reached the end of the second 76-day period. The news reporters reminded me of an event that took place ten years ago, March 29, 1998. (Ten years is what I have called "the Hezekiah Factor" in my book, Secrets of Time. It is one of the more important time factors in prophecy, and so we always watch for parallels on a ten-year cycle.)

On March 29, 1998 tornados ripped through St. Peter, Minnesota. It literally destroyed the (Catholic) Church of St. Peter, and even the foundations had to be ripped out. The Lutheran Church was located two blocks away on the corner of 5th and Grace. It needed repair, mostly to its roof, but the foundations remained intact, for they were rooted in Grace through Martin Luther.

These events came in connection with the revelation that year in which Hagar was cast out and Sarah established as the True Bride. The revelation from 1998 is applicable to this year, 2008. The events surrounding the Indian Hills Church in North Little Rock are signs of what God is doing to establish His Tabernacles Church. In effect, this is the establishment of "Sarah" and the casting out of "Hagar."

The Hagar Church (Pentecost) objects strenuously to being replaced by the Sarah Church. For this reason, the warfare from March 10-29 was really the Hagar Church attempting to reinstate itself by theft. The thieves on March 10 stole a pearl necklace and old wedding rings, along with the car. This indicated to us that the Church wanted to be the Pearl of Great Price and the Bride. But like the counterfeit christ movement, they are willing to do it by fleshly means and by theft and fraud if necessary.

It will not work, for the verdict has already been rendered.

This is the eighth part of a series titled "Where We Are in Prophecy." To view all parts, click the link below.

Where We Are in Prophecy

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