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Water Powered Cars

Apr 30, 2008

The energy crisis could be resolved very quickly and easily, except that there are powerful and wealthy interests that want to keep selling their product--OIL--and they don't want competition.

Right now, the oil companies are trying to figure out how to keep making money by switching to an "alternate fuel." WATER is not an acceptable alternate fuel, because we have too many rivers and lakes to obtain it without having to buy it from the oil companies. For this reason, they are developing things like ethanol, because they can continue selling it to the people and making money on it. But this appears to be helping to create a food shortage.

Water fuel would be "bad" for the oil companies and all related businesses, but overall, it would be great for everyone. It would solve the pollution problem, the ozone layer, and bring down the cost of nearly everything else to an affordable level.

It would also create another type of business--making engines that run on water. It would actually help the auto industry or any company that would decide to build autos. But yes, it would come at the expense of the oil companies, just as the invention of the ballpoint pen put an end to many pencil manufacturers, and Ford Motor Company bankrupted the companies who made horse whips.

That's life. That's progress. Out with the old. In with the new. But don't expect everyone to like it. And when those who oppose it have billions of dollars at their disposal, don't expect the switch to be easy. The problem is political, not technological.


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