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Trinidad Trip Report

Apr 21, 2008

I flew home from Trinidad last Saturday after a week of excellent meetings. I was very happy with the progress and development that I saw in the people there. Many are reading and studying my books and CD's and are gaining a better perspective of the Kingdom of God on the earth.

I was also a guest of Pastor Mohammed's half-hour radio spot last Monday afternoon, where I was able to share a little on the air to tweak people's interest in the Kingdom and in the study of the prophetic feast days.

I taught in 10 sessions during the week. Four of the days I had opportunity to teach in two different churches, one in the morning at Pastor Brian Pierre's church, and in the evening at Pastor Kelvin Mohammed's church. Both churches are located in Couva on the island of Trinidad. I was originally scheduled to speak only three days (10:00-12:00 noon) at Brian's church, but it was extended to a fourth day. The people wanted to have me a fifth day as well (Friday), but we decided to go to the beach instead for a little relaxation. Even that time was profitable, because I was able to talk over a number of things with Pastor Brian between waves.

It was great to see Pastor Raj also, along with his assistant, who drove an hour each evening to hear the Word. We had a good time of fellowship one evening after the session when we met by divine providence in a restaurant. Also, Pastor Joseph and his lovely family have obviously done a lot of reading and were enthusiastic about wanting me to teach in their church next time I visit the island.

I met some other pastors as well, who are beginning to listen and ponder this new message. It is obviously different from the message that they have heard from the mainstream, but I am thankful that they were willing to come and check it out.

Pastor Mohammed plans to post all of my teachings last week on his web site for you to hear. I will give details later. I presume also that you can order the CD's from him, if you want them. They would cost only about $5.00 (US) for each.

As you may guess, Pastor Kelvin Mohammed came from a Muslim family but came to Christ as a teenager thirty years ago, the first in his family to do so. He faced death threats from his own family at the time, but in the end his father came to Christ before he died, and his mother, who is gifted prophetically, is a part of Kelvin's church. Kelvin has a wonderful family as well, and they all took good care of me.

On the way home, I had a six-hour layover in Houston, which I was able to spend with Kevin Peters and his friend, Dr. Larry Caesar (M.D.). Some of you may recall that Kevin was the one who arranged for our 2004 Tabernacles conference to be held at the Holiday Inn in the big medical center in Houston. (His wife is a doctor there.) Kevin, Larry, and I had some good fellowship over lunch. Larry has just recently been introduced to some of my teachings.

Now that I am back in the office, I am faced with the realities of the work load, with hundreds of emails and the May newsletter (Foundation For Intercession) to write. I try to answer as many emails as I can, but unfortunately, it is not possible to answer all of them. I do read all the letters, however, and look at many of the articles that people send. I even listen to many of the videos that people send me. I do what I can, but I apologize for the emails that I fail to answer. I don't want to discourage you from writing, but just understand that there are many projects that demand my time.

It is good to be back to my wife and family. I will try to get back into regular web log teachings shortly.

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