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Dying and Living to Tell About It

Apr 02, 2008

Here is an interesting video testimony of a man who was in a plane crash. He died and had an interesting experience in the spiritual world. Don't be misled by the assumptions of the video title about Heaven and Hell being real. The video does not prove the title. In fact, it disproves it.


Ask yourself this:

1. How is it that a non-believer was able to experience "heaven" instead of the darkness that he saw behind him?

2. How is it that he would know that the darkness was everything that had been his life before that moment? Was that really "hell"? or was it more like "hell on earth"?

3. How is it that he could be filled with the Spirit without first accepting Christ in this life?

4. Does this show that a person can accept Christ after death? Is it really true that when the buzzer goes off, there is no further opportunity to be saved?

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