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US Prepares for War with Iran

Mar 31, 2008

Reports indicate that U.S. armed forces are in the final stages of preparation to attack Iran. A Russian report says that the plan is to attack on April 6. It seems to me that if the date of an attack has already leaked out, then the leak itself was probably pre-planned, and that the attack would come a bit later.

Of course, they would want to do so with minimal cost, so the reports indicate that this would be a strike from the air and with missiles to destroy key facilities, rather than a ground invasion involving troops.

I have no inside information to know if these reports are true or not. But if so, it would be interesting to see if it took place on April 9, which is the 5-year anniversary of Saddam Hussein's statue coming down. Or perhaps April 12, which is connected to a judgment event in 1986 that I have been watching. But the fact is, April is full of watch dates, so we might see some significant developments in this coming month.

April 26 is the ReignDown USA date for national repentance. See

They say President Bush will participate in this. I hope so. Perhaps by then world events will make it obvious what he should repent of. Otherwise, it's mostly a waste of time repenting without knowing what to repent of. In such cases, as we have seen in the past, people have told God "We Repent," but have not changed their course of action, because they really think that it is the non-Christians that have to repent. Christians seldom think that they themselves are doing anything wrong. It is always the non-believers who are causing all the problems in America.

True repentance comes when the Christians themselves realize that they have done wrong, or that they have supported government sins. And then they should resolve to correct their thinking, for that is the meaning of repentance--to change one's thinking and/or course of action. One of the most basic sins that the Church need to repent of is the basic doctrine of lawlessness--that the law has been put away, and that no one is required to be obedient any more. It is the idea that grace somehow replaced the law, and that sin is no longer the transgression of the law.

The hypocrisy of the situation is revealed when we see Christians violently opposed to abortion, calling it murder, and yet they do not seem to realize that the only reason murder is sin is because the law said so. Such people think they can pick and choose which parts of the law are still sin, and which ones they can now do with immunity because of grace.

As long as the Church continues teaching men to violate the law, in opposition to Jesus' clear words in Matt. 5:19, we will continue to reap what we sow. And in the end, when they stand before the judgment seat of Christ, Jesus will tell them, "depart from me, you who practice lawlessness" (anomia, which is from the word nomos, "law"). See Matt. 7:23.

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