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Televangelist Rod Parsley's War on Islam

Mar 31, 2008

It was bad enough when Pat Robertson recommended the assassination of Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez.

Now we have Rod Parsley on a similar crusade to "destroy Islam." He appears to be one of John McCain's spiritual advisors. I recall that President Bush had the same kind of spiritual advisors when he went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq.


If he were advocating a New Covenant method of warfare (i.e., spiritual warfare), I would shake his hand and join with him. But unfortunately, he is like so many Old Covenant Christians. He is advocating physical warfare. And by the way, one does not destroy a religion by physical warfare. Warfare only kills PEOPLE. It is pretty sad when the Church lacks the spiritual sword and must grab the physical sword to bring righteousness into the earth. In fact, it is an admission of defeat in the face of utter moral and spiritual bankruptcy.

The Church has adopted the Muslim method of conversion, which functions through Old Covenant religious principle. The only effective way to "destroy Islam" is to convert Muslims by the demonstration of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ. One cannot convert Muslims if one is busy killing them. Or if you do convert them by that method, as the conquistadores did in Central America, you convert them to another carnal religion, not to Christ Himself. Physical coersion does nothing to build a relationship to Jesus Christ. It only establishes submission to men--that is, the leaders of religion.

But this is part of the new Christian crusade. This time, however, it is not Roman Catholic, but Evangelical and Pentecostal Christianity. The Church has been sipping the dregs from the bottom of the barrel of the wine of Babylon. They may think it is their Christian duty to act thus in order to save the Israeli state at all costs, but to me it is evidence that modern Saul is again consulting the witch of En-dor instead of God.

I suggest that the Church take the opportunity to repent of this murderous attitude on April 26 when they meet for the ReignDown USA day of repentance.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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