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Comment and Correction from a Reader

Mar 17, 2008

Here is a comment and correction from a reader named David in regard to my web log: Where We Are in Prophecy: Part 2, dated March 14, 2008 . . . .

Dear Stephen,

I noticed in one of your weblogs you mentioned the fact that FDR suspended the Constitution in 1933-35, 2520 years after the fall of Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar. You also stated that representative Ron Paul had tried to have the Constitution re-instated in 1973.

According to Wikipedia, and other information I have read, Dr. Paul actually entered Congress in 1976 in a special election when the incumbent Robert Casey was appointed to an administration office. According to an essay I have read on this issue there was a Senate Report 93-549 in 1973 that was debated and discussed until 1976 and at that time it was decided not to set aside the FDR declaration of a state of emergency so leaving the nation in a state of martial law.

It is amazing to me that this fact is not more widely known. There is so much talk about America's wonderful Constitution yet the country has not had a Constitution or indeed the protection of the common law since 1933. I was reticent to believe it until I read the essay I mentioned, that confirmed the statements you have made, with a complete recital of the laws used to effect it.

(End of quote)

Thanks, David. I appreciate the correction. It was many years ago when I heard of the bill attempting to rescind the emergency declaration in 1933. In fact, I heard about it some time after September 1975, but I don't recall the specific date, since I was not keeping records at the time. I do recall that Congressman Ron Paul was involved in this somehow, and thought he had introduced the legislation himself. But apparently, he came in at the end of the debate in 1976. All I know for sure is that he was an advocate of the bill, but it did not pass.

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