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Back From Arkansas

Mar 12, 2008

We returned from the conference in Little Rock, Arkansas last evening. From all indications, the conference went very well. I covered many basic teachings for the Church there and hope I did not overload too many of the people.

The final meeting was devoted to sharing on a more personal level and giving that Church a clearer understanding of its calling as a Church. I have been amazed to see how the history of that Church has correlated so closely with the events in my own life. The link is that we are all involved in the flow of what God has been doing for at least the past 26 years (since late 1981). In other words, what I have experienced and seen by the Spirit personally has been experienced on a corporate (Church body) level in that Church in Little Rock at the same times over the years.

So it was quite fascinating for us to get our heads together and to share each other's stories and to see the correlations. I have seen this sort of thing many times before with other individuals, but I do not recall ever seeing correlations with an actual Church body before. So this was new to me as well as to them.

Over the years, we have engaged in countless times of spiritual warfare and/or intercession, in which spiritual patterns have been established. What usually happens is that these dates have laid foundations for events yet to come--or even further times of warfare, as layer upon layer is laid to those earlier foundations. It is difficult to explain this to those who are unfamiliar with such things. It is clear, however, when a person is actually involved in the warfare and sees the correlations first hand.

The point is, as of March 10 this year, we have begun another time of spiritual warfare that will last until April 1. So if weird stuff happens to you during this time frame, it might be that you are involved in this warfare and that the events in the heavens are reflecting in your personal lives.

This is happening with my wife and me already. Fortunately, because we had already discerned this time period some months ago, we have had time to prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually. Speaking to those of the Church in Little Rock, be aware that you may find yourselves caught up in this same warfare for the rest of this month, so be watchful and be aware, so that these things do not disrupt your rest in Christ.

I am having to spend extra time dealing with this warfare right now, and so I have to focus upon that instead of attempting to write more studies on biblical law. I may be able to share some things as we go, but I will have to be careful, since this web log is too public. The average person cannot be expected to understand how these things work.

Meanwhile, though, put on the whole armor of God. Treat Ephesians 6:11-17 as a prayer. If God has conscripted you for divine service in His army, your spirit will be involved in this battle whether you are conscious of it or not (in your soulish mind). Be diligent in following the leading of the Spirit, and all will be well.

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