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Burning Bush Bible Institute's New Web Site

Feb 04, 2008

Robert Burgess, who administers our Bible Institute, writes this:

Greetings!  This is just a line to inform you that the Burning Bush Institute has it's own website and private domain name as of Feb 1st.  It is located at: http://www.burning-bush-institute.net
Some might discover that they are not able to login to the downloads portion of the new site, if so you need to let me know ASAP so I can reset your usernames and permissions accordingly.  You will need to bookmark this site, as the old location will be deleted after a reasonable length of time for transitions to be made, also we will be eliminating the old workbooks from the curriculum in favor of the newer online testing forms.  All the material from the old site has been successfully copied over and reduplicated exactly as it was originally to the new location.  Any suggestions you have for how the site could be improved, or if you find any errors on the new site we would appreciate your notifying us.
Thanks very much, and Much Love and Blessings to one and all.
Robert Burgess


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