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A Recent Example of Bearing False Witness on Fox News

Feb 06, 2008

Here is an interesting report about how Fox News was able to bury a report by its own investigative reporters about Monsanto's milk-producing drug (given to cows) goes into the milk itself, where millions of Americans drink it and obtain the same results that the cows do.

It is a classic case of news distortion, which, by the way, ended with the case being thrown out of court, on the grounds that it is not a crime to distort the news! Listen to this 10-minute video report put together by those reporters (who were fired for refusing to bear false witness). Listen to it as soon as possible, before the story is suppressed like so many others have been in the past.


Appendum to this entry.

The video referrenced in this blog is a clip from a film called The Corporation, a documentary that looks at the corporation as force in economic, politics, etc. The whole movie is well worth watching.

You can purchase a copy purchase a copy of The Corporation here.
You can watch it on YouTube in sections here.
You can get more info on the movie here.

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