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Who Changed the Stars on our Flag?

Jan 23, 2008

When I was in grade school, we were asked to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. The flag that we faced had on it 50 stars, each with five points, with a single point pointing upward and two points on the bottom.

How is it that now we are seeing flags with the stars reversed? Who authorized that change, and why? To view the traditional flag, see:


Now take a look at the follow: first, look at the Republican Party's traditional elephant logo with the three stars on it. The stars match the traditional US flag:


Now take a look at the new Republican logo on their current web site:


Who changed the Republican logo? Why?

Now look at the Democratic Party's flag. At Hillary Clinton's victory celebration we see this:


. . . and this:


At Barack Obama's victory celebration after the Iowa Caucus, we see a similar flag in the background. It is a big fuzzy, but you can see that there is only one point at the bottom.


Do you see the inverted stars? Who authorized them to make such a change? How is that both of the major political parties would suddenly decide to reverse the stars at the same time? Whose bipartisan idea was this?

Does this represent a different America, perhaps a shadow state? And why would it be so important to someone to reverse those stars? Is it perhaps because the upside down five-pointed star is the symbol of Baphomet, the "goat" with the two "ears" pointed up and the bearded chin pointing down? That is what one blog is asking:


Satanism uses both forms of the five-pointed star. But the question yet remains: Who made the change, and what does it mean to those who made that change? There is probably an answer designed for public consumption, which hides the real motive of the hidden designer. I think it is a disturbing sign of some fundamental but hidden change in the American form of government.

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