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Louisiana Conference Online Viewing

Jan 21, 2008

A few weeks ago, in late December, I was one of the teachers at a conference in Louisiana. Two of my three teachings are now posted online, along with the other speakers, and you can listen to them. Go to:


Click on the "Gallery" button. The Gallery is one two pages. Scroll down through the wedding pictures to the bottom of Page 1. At the bottom, you will see two pictures of Len Yule with the horses that he was training at our Leslie, AR conference last September. If you click on View Gallery, you can view a series of still shots, and of course, if you want those pictures, you may order them on the site.

At the bottom of the Gallery is a place to click on Page 2, which features the speakers and some of the people who came to the Louisiana conference. I am the last one featured at the bottom of Page 2. If you click "View Gallery," on the bottom two pictures, you can get two of my messages.

Though not yet featured, I asked Lonnie to post a picture of the Banner as well, so that you can see it and and even order pictures of it on whatever size and medium you wish.

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