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It's Not 1929, but it's the Biggest Mess Since

Jan 15, 2008

Here is a very good Washington Post article posted online, dated Dec. 5, 2007, which explains as simply as possible the financial mess that surfaced last August.


For many years we wondered what this past year might bring. We began to engage in spiritual warfare in November of 1993, which we came to see as a type of "Battle of Jericho."

In that battle, the people marched around the city for 7 days in silence while the priests blew trumpets (Joshua 6:3, 4). We saw this as a type of the book of Revelation's "7 trumpets." We understood this to refer to 7 years (a day for a year) of spiritual warfare (1993-2000).

On the seventh day, however, the people were to march around Jericho seven times for a total of 13 times. We came to understand this to be a type of "7 vials" in the book of Revelation, which form the 7th trumpet.

And so, as for timing, we understood that we were to watch the time from 2000-2007. The first vial was poured out at Tabernacles of the year 2000, and the seventh in 2006, with a one-year time in which to see the "walls of Jericho" begin to tumble.

And so, in August of 2007, the mortgage crisis surfaced in America, but because so many of these mortgages were packaged up and sold to hedge funds, pension funds, private investors, and even to many investors in Europe and Asia, the American mortgage crisis has turned into a world financial crisis.

Is this the fall of the economic "Jericho"? Jericho is a type of Mystery Babylon in the book of Revelation. It seems to me that we could well be in the beginning stages of something far more severe than most experts are willing to say out loud. It is understandable that they may not want to start a panic, but that fact should simply warn the public to be careful to take what government officials say with a grain of salt.

I am not a financial expert, but I do know something about spiritual warfare in connection with Scripture. The fact that we have wondered for many years what the year 2006-7 would bring, as a result of our spiritual warfare against Mystery Babylon, makes me wonder if perhaps this is the obvious answer. If that is the case, then all the king's horses and all the king's men will not be able to put humpty dumpty together again.

Secondly, this is not a time for disaster, except perhaps for those who are entrenched in the Babylonian system. Of course, we have all had to learn how to live in Babylon while in captivity (since 1913-1914). We have learned to take Jeremiah's advice in Jer. 29:1-7 and to accept the captivity as being of God, to settle down and make a normal living, and to be good citizens of Babylon until such time as God delivers us.

In my view, we have just heard the first huge crack in the walls of Jericho, and things could get a little shaky for a while until we come out the other end of this in the Kingdom of God. This is a judgment upon Babylon, not upon God's people. The collapse of Jericho-Babylon is meant to release us from captivity on a monumental scale and usher in the Age of Tabernacles. But be wise, in order not to be adversely affected by the times in which we live.

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