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Is Ron Paul the only genuine Christian among the candidates?

Jan 26, 2008

In the interest of an informed electorate in the upcoming voting season, I find this article to be most informative on where Congressman Ron Paul stands on the issues relevant to Christians and those who still value the American Constitution.

Note in the second section about "Religion," Dr. Paul states clearly that he is a Christian who has accepted Jesus Christ as his "personal saviour." One would think that the evangelicals would be happy with this, but perhaps they shun him because of his view that our unconditional support for the Israeli state should be stopped. Well, actually, I think it is more because the media gives him the bare minimum requirement of attention, and Christians really don't know who he is.

So, to make up for the shortfall in the media, I give you the opportunity to see how he compares with the others, not only on his Christianity, but also on issues of state.

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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