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The Failing Economy: The Second Stage of Divine Judgment

Dec 05, 2007

For many years intercessors stood in the gap in order to give America more time to repent. But finally in the 1990's the judgment was set. This simply meant that we had arrived at the point where America would come under judgment regardless of intercession. It was the point where Jerusalem had arrived in Jer. 7:16,

"As for you, do not pray for this people, and do not lift up cry or prayer for them, and do not intercede with Me; for I do not hear you."

What does an intercessor do at that point? He moves to a fall-back position. The nation will certainly come under judgment, and it cannot be stopped, but the judgment can still be either postponed or lessened by the work of intercessors praying from that fall-back position. We see this clearly in the biblical precedents with Israel and Judah.

So it is with America.

On Sept. 11, 1998, American President Bill Clinton went before the Congressional Prayer Breakfast and repented for his moral failures, reading Psalm 51 and applying it to himself. This was the moment that we had watched for since he came into office in January of 1993. By revelation as early as 1987, we knew that he was going to follow the pattern of King Ahab. That king of Israel humbled himself and thereby postponed judgment upon the nation for three years (1 Kings 21:29 and 22:1).

So it also happened with America. Because President Clinton humbled himself (as a representative of America), the judgment was postponed for three years until Sept. 11, 2001. Then the Twin Towers disaster thrust us into war. This was the beginning of the divine judgment upon America. In fact, it was Stage One of divine judgment--the War Stage.

Now in 2007 we are entering into Stage Two of divine judgment. It is the Economic Judgment. In many ways, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have sucked so much money out of the American economy that we are now seeing the economic results. The government (Fed. Reserve System, the "real" government) has been creating money at the rate of about 18 percent a year to pay for all of this (much of which has been sent overseas), and this has created a glut of dollars overseas. That in turn has devalued the dollar, because not enough countries are willing to continue purchasing our debt notes. The supply finally overwhelmed the demand. They realize now what we are doing--selling dollars that are becoming worth less and less, and the demand has begun to dry up.

Since the summer months, we have begun to see mortgage companies fail, as they are forced to confess that they are holding billions of dollars worth of worthless mortgages. The latest is Citigroup, the largest bank in the world. It just received a $7 billion loan from Abu Dhabi, which will not be nearly enough to cover its losses. It may prove to be more water down the gopher hole.

And now the economists are talking about the next meeting of the Fed, wondering if they will lower interest rates a full half percent or just a quarter percent.


It seems to be a foregone conclusion that the Fed will lower rates again to stimulate the economy and try to rescue the mortgage companies. But the whole economic system is Babylonian and is now between a rock and a hard place.

Lowering rates will help in some areas, but it will also lower the value of the dollar even further. It already takes $1.46 to buy one Euro, which is up 20 cents from late summer. If the Fed lowers the rates again, watch the dollar plunge in value past $1.50 or $1.60. That also means it will take more dollars to buy each barrel of oil. Higher oil prices will continue to hit the average person in their wallets, and so it is questionable just how much help it will be to lower interest rates.

The simple fact is that the Fed is running out of solutions. It is my belief that God is showing us the futility of the Babylonian economic model, in order that someone might look more favorably at the unthinkable--Kingdom Economics.

You see, the purpose of Divine Judgment is not to destroy us but to change our thinking--in other words, to cause us to repent and turn to Him. He gave us the Instruction Book a long time ago, but men thought that they could do better. Babylon looked good as a temporary model. Look at the great worldwide "city" that it has built. However, it has done so on borrowed money--debt notes--not real wealth. So Babylon's system was always destined to be unsustainable, even if it looked really good for a long time.

If America continues to link its future and its civilization and "way of life" to the Babylonian model, it will sink along with Babylon as prophesied in Revelation 16. The only real solution is to begin learning Kingdom economics, which most have long forgotten in the dazzling light of Babylonianism. But more than that, one cannot simply apply a single Kingdom law and national model to an otherwise Babylonian way of life. The Bible must become our Constitution, and all laws must be in conformity to it as a whole, or else it simply will not work.

We are not yet at that point of American disillusionment where the people would think seriously of this. But we are well on the way. God in His mercy is about to give us a "crash course" that will turn our hearts to Him.

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