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Iran Commits the Unpardonable Sin: Refusing to Accept US Dollars for Oil Sales

Dec 10, 2007

Iran has been gradually cutting down on its acceptance of US dollars for oil sales in the past year, but as of Dec. 6, 2007 it has completed its action. As of that date, it will accept no more dollars for oil.

This was Saddam's sin, which was a factor in our invasion of Iraq in 2003. Just how much of a factor is debatable, of course, but having studied the causes of war over the years, it is clear that the reasons given to the public are NEVER the real causes for war. They are only the causes that politicians feel are more acceptable for public support. Most of the causes are economic in nature, and we see this reflected often in the statements of politicians.

For example, President Bush talked about maintaining "our way of life" in the runup to the Iraq war. That has to do with the American standard of living--which depends more upon low oil prices and the currency valuation than with Saddam's moral standards or oppressive tactics or his supposed development of nuclear weapons.

So this article reveals a major motive for an American attack to punish Iran for its insolence. It is something that bears watching.


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