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John Hagee claims Jesus Not the Messiah

Oct 18, 2007

John Hagee, who is trying to become the leading spokesman for Christian Zionism, has now come out with his latest book, In Defense of Israel, in which he claims that Jesus was NOT the Messiah. Hear him say this in his own words as he advertises his book:


Just click on the video.

I wonder how long American Christians will remain gullible, as the Great Apostasy sets in. And another thing . . . will John Hagee stop using the term "Jesus Christ"? After all, "Christ" is simply the Greek equivalent for Messiah. If Jesus was not the Christ, then the Apostles got it all wrong. Too bad they didn't have John Hagee to set them straight.

And I guess that means John Hagee will have to stop calling himself a "Christian."

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Dr. Stephen Jones

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