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Tabernacles 2007 On-Line Participation

Sep 07, 2007

Tabernacles 2007 On-Line Conference Participation

 Leslie, Arkansas and Hilo, Hawaii 

We understand that many people that wish to be at the conference will not be able to for one reason or another, so we are attempting to allow as much remote interaction as possible.     All of our on-line participation will be based from the BibleStudyStoreHouse site athttp://www.biblestudystorehouse.com/tabernacles2007. You will be able to email comments, questions or other input to tabernacles2007@biblestudystorehouse.com.  You will also be able to share publicly in the Will You Be at Taberncles 2007? Forum.

On-Line Conference Viewing

As far as we know, a high speed internet connection will be available near both conference locations allowing us to provide video of the conference shortly after the recordings (not real-time).  Check here at this page for viewing details and the videos.  We will be allowing you to make a donation for the On-Line access to these videos in order to help cover the costs associated with recording, producing and distributing the conference video. 

If you have any inquiries about this, please email tabernacles2007@biblestudystorehouse.com.

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