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Important Website Update

Sep 28, 2007

This is a notice from the GKM website Admin to ask you to update all of your bookmarks for this website. As we continue to make progress on the new site design and location there was an interim step we had to make which was to move the existing website from the domain "gods-kingdom.org" to a new domain which is "gods-kingdom-ministries.org". In case you hadn't noticed you are actually on the new domain right now. Everything looks the same just a different address. So please update your bookmarks to this new address and you will not have to think about it again until the new site is up and running of course. :)

The primary purpose of this notice is to give you some time to prepare. Sometime this next week we will be doing some moving of the old domains to a new location, when we do this there will be a period of time, up to 72 hours, that the old addresses, "gods-kingdom.org" and "godskingdomministries.org" will go dark (not accessible.) We are trying to let everyone know as much in advance as possible so again please update your bookmarks and please let anyone else know that may have an interest.

Regarding the new site there is great progress, in fact we are going to start implementing it very soon by gradually making it available so that you can begin to get used to it and give us any feedback you might have which will be invaluable to us. The new site is being structured using a CMS (Content Management System). As we have said before in our previous notices this is going to allow us to vastly expand what we make available and how. We think you'll like it.

Until Then, God Bless


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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