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Update on Upcoming Conferences

Aug 31, 2007

We have two conferences coming in the next month. The first is in Leslie, Arkansas on Sept. 14-16. It begins Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. on Sept. 14, and will go three full days until Sunday evening, Sept. 16.

Directions: Leslie is a small town north of Little Rock and Conway, Arkansas. From Hwy 65, at the town of Leslie, turn east on Hwy. 66, going across the bridge into town. Turn right on the main street there. Hwy. 66 then makes a 90-degree turn to the left at the Bank. Turn right on the street after the Methodist Church. Follow the street to the top of the hill. Turn right at the sign to the campground. We will be meeting in the Tabernacle there.

On Saturday afternoon, Sept. 15, we will be hosting a horse show at the local sports stadium in Leslie, where our friend and horse trainer, Len Yule, will be demonstrating how to train a horse in about 30-40 minutes without anyone being bucked off. In other words, he won't have anyone ride the horse until it has been trained and knows what you want it to do.

Len will wear a microphone and will teach the crowd how this method of horse training is how God trains us. It will be a great opportunity to spread the word to many new people.

Though we will be having good speakers all week end, I have a feeling that this horse show is what people will remember most.

For the Leslie conference, there is no requirement to register ahead of time. Just make your own motel reservations. Most of the motels are located about a half-hour south of Leslie in the town of Clinton. But there are also hotels east of Leslie in the town of Mountain Home. Both are about the same distance from Leslie.

Conference in Hilo, Hawaii: Sept. 24-27

We have been given an extension on reservations at the Castle Resort and Hotel in Hilo, Hawaii in order to obtain the excellent rates that they are offering us ($80/day, plus tax, for a total of $89.13/day, or, for an ocean view room, $105.85 total/day). The deadline is September 7. After that, there is no guarantee of the good rates.

Of course, you can get these good rates for as many days as you want. You are not limited to just those two days. So come early or stay late, if you want. It's a great opportunity for a vacation. If you have not yet made reservations, but intended to do so, call the hotel at 808-935-9361.

We have reserved a meeting room in the hotel for just two days: Sept. 25, 26, because this was all that was available on such short notice. We will have three sessions each day, beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the hotel.

However, we also have reserved a meeting room at a different location for Monday evening, Sept. 24 and again for Thursday morning, Sept. 27. Those meetings will be held at the Prayer and Healing Room at 180 Kinoole St., #301.

We do not have a registration requirement (or fees) for this conference either. But you will have to book your own hotel room by calling the number above.

By the way, the main speakers for this conference (besides me) will be Ray and Sheila Knight, from British Columbia. I have known them for many years and have appreciated the Word that God has put in them, but never have had opportunity to have them speak at our conferences. I know that they will be a great blessing to all who come.

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