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Repentance and Rain

Aug 21, 2007

Many of you have heard of the record rainfall that southern Minnesota received over the past week end. One town of Witoka, near the Mississippi River in Southeastern Minnesota, received 17 inches of rain in a 24-hour period. This shattered the old record of 10.84 inches of rain set back in 1972.

Monday's headline on the Minneapolis Star Tribune read, "The Rain Never Quit."

Last October 7, while we were in Babylon, NY, we prophetically decreed this year to be The Year of Noah. We have been watching "Noah" signs ever since that time. Interestingly enough, I was told that Northern Ireland's first baby this year was named "Noah." Also, the movie "Evan Almighty" was released this summer, which is about a man being called like Noah to build an ark.

Last week end, we held a conference about a half-hour's drive north of Minneapolis. We have been holding such a conference every year in August for a number of years. Ron Oja was one of the speakers this year, and on Saturday morning, he reminded us of the prophetic weather that we had had in the past few years. We had "hoar frost" (Ex. 16:15) the year we were talking about the manna in the wilderness. We had hail (Rev. 16:21) when we focused upon the fall of Babylon. This year we had rain, which was appropriate for the theme about Noah.

On Saturday morning, Ron commented on the rain, saying that it represented the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. He said we would have to see if rained two days in a row, signifying the DOUBLE PORTION. Well, we did get a nice rain during our meeting the next day, but southern Minnesota received record rainfalls. So it appears to us that God is foreshadowing the latter rain of the Holy Spirit that will "never quit."

We are also linking this to a vision that Shawn Marie Cole received back in July 2005 about the rain of the Holy Spirit that was soon to come. You may hear her vision as she tells us by clicking on:


I have been talking for many years about President Bush repenting, and how this would mark the time of great national repentance and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It appears that the President has met with Shawn Marie and wants to be part of this prayer of repentance which is scheduled for April 26, 2008.

If this happens as planned, this may be the fulfillment of what we have been discerning since President Bush first took office. But I suspect that world events may take such a downturn that he and all the people could find themselves repenting of things they are currently advocating as the will of God.

I hope so, for nothing will change unless the President and the people come to see that America's current policies are taking us in the wrong direction. I do not need to repeat my opinions about this, for I have stated them many times in past web logs.

Though the "signs of the times" may seem destructive, they are actually positive in the long run. The Holy Spirit brings judgment upon the earth as well as refreshing.

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