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The Word and the Spirit Coming into Agreement

Jul 24, 2007

Dominic Sola tells of a prophetic dream he had recently, which I find interesting and pertinent enough to share with you. I am sharing just the last part of the dream as he wrote it:

I remember looking off at a distance and there was a huge bridge being constructed. Now overhead, two helicopters were hovering and a man beside me said they are even using GPS and laser to connect these two pieces of bridges. Most people say it will be impossible but our boss believes it can be done. The excitement was incredible as I watched these two incredible structures getting closer. We sat around a drawing board and people had such smiles on their faces as the two sides were about to meet. Now the boss walked up to this small team and said now it will happen and I can show you the names of the two pieces of the bridges.

The one bridge the others had been working on had writing on the side of it in gold, on it, it said the WORD. I looked back at our side of the bridge and on it, in gold, it said the SPIRITThe boss’s voice seemed to change and became so angelic as He spoke these words, “When these two bridges connect the world will be able to see the truth and will return to the Gospel”.

Christians would again be able to use the name of Jesus in public. As the bridges began to connect, we began to prepare for a bridge opening ceremony. Golden ribbons spread across the opening and huge crowds gathered. Strange, underneath the bridge there was no water, the water couldn't be seen. The landscape was so beautiful, like this glorious park underneath this bridge. It felt like the whole world or at least all the believers had gathered for this event. It seemed as if all the angels or witnesses of heaven were looking down at this moment with great expectation. I wondered what was my job, it seemed like everyone else was so important and then that Voice spoke to me again. The Voice said, “You are the one to run the ceremony." “Who me?" I thought. "What can I say?"

"Tell them," the Voice said, “When these two bridges connect, all the world will rejoice for Christians all over the world will be free to worship.” Then peace fell on me and I was the first one to pray, breaking the ice, and I prayed in the name of Jesus, for the first time, as we celebrated the connecting of the bridges. As I prayed and thought about speaking the name of Jesus, I thought I can't fail now and when I spoke His Name it was like all the heavens and people of the earth begin to shout and a peace fell on everyone! What a glorious feeling came over me and everyone there! AMEN!

MY COMMENT: There are many groups that specialize in studying the Word, but neglect the Spirit. Many others specialize in the Spirit, but neglect the Word. It was a revelation to me in June of 1984 that when the Word and the Spirit merge as one, then we will really be able to complete the work we are called to do.

As the years have passed, I have seen the interplay between the Word and the Spirit. When I speak of the Spirit, I am not speaking of a theoretical force or the ability to do religious things. To me, the Spirit is the living, dynamic power of God in our lives that leads us in all things, that directs our steps, that makes our very lives prophetic, and that works through us and in us invisibly and without our conscious direction to lay foundations for the Kingdom of God.

By the Spirit are we made intercessors, and our hardships and trials on earth are given meaning and purpose. By the Spirit we enter into spiritual warfare, usually done without our conscious knowledge, as we see in Daniel 10, until the revelation comes at last.

In my own life, I can testify that I studied the Word for over 30 years before I began to truly experience the merging of the Spirit with the Word, beginning in 1981. That merger changed my life, as I began to live the Word. The Word took on a life of its own, and I began to understand what it meant to become the Living Word. Even as Jesus Himself was the Logos, so also are we to become the Living Word as part of His Body.

Dominic's dream is an encouragement to me, for it tells me that we are nearing the day when the Bridge will be complete.

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