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Reese Erlich Reports on Iraq and the Kurdish War

Jul 12, 2007

Amy Goodman interviews Reese Erlich in this report, which gives us some first-hand information about the northern part of Iraq, where the Kurds live. He tells how the Kurds want to set up their own independent country of Kurdistan, including parts of Iran and Turkey. This is, of course, why the Iranians and Turks oppose the break up of Iraq into three separate countries. They do not want an independent Kurdistan, which would then work to incorporate part of their territories.

Erlich says that both the USA and Israel are backing these Kurdish insurgents, even though the official Kurdish organization is on the official US list of terrorist organizations, and its leader is even now in an Iraqi prison. It's a "dangerous game" that they are playing, Erlich says.

Of interest to me is the fact that this information is relevant to the breakup of Babylon into three parts, mentioned in Rev. 16:19. Since old Babylon is now called Iraq, it seems to me that Iraq will probably split into three parts at some point when America leaves the area. The present government is not strong enough and does not rule with enough FEAR to hold Iraq together.

Reese Erlich's conclusion is:

"So the Israelis have significantly stepped up their activities in northern Iraq. I think if ultimately the Iraq war goes very badly for the United States, as all indications are that it will, eventually Iraq will split into three different countries including an independent Kurdistan on the north and the Israelis hope to benefit from that by having a beachhead against the Sunni and the Shiia and Arab parts of Iraq and as well as the other neighboring Arab countries. That's a long time goal of the Israelis."


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