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Onward Christian Soldiers

Jul 20, 2007

I have been consistently critical of the Bush Doctrine, which presumes that War is the best path to peace. That idea has been around for thousands of years, and it only works for as long as you can strike FEAR in the hearts of those you wish to conquer.

Fear is not one of the fruit of the Spirit. It may seem proper for a Christian Nation, even as it seems proper for a Jewish Nation or a Muslim Nation, but it all comes from the carnal mind and is implemented by carnally-minded people.

I prefer the Kingdom of God, though the world cannot understand it or its tactics. If Jesus' Kingdom had been "of this world," his followers would have taken up arms and fought. Well, Your Honor, your kingdom is indeed of this world, and you have called your followers to take up arms to fight for it. That doctrine has become synonymous with Patriotism. And now it has crossed the line to include the idea that Patriotism is fighting to keep the Israeli State alive.

President Bush is being pushed by Christian Zionists as well as Jewish Zionists. That coalition is the key problem in America today. Here's an article showing how Christian warmongers are now demanding that President Bush attack Iran for the sake of the Israeli State.


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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