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Israeli Politicians Seek Evangelical Funding

Jul 23, 2007

The radical Likud Party was founded by Menachem Begin in the 1970's to unite all of the radical parties, including the former terrorists of the 1940's.

Now World Likud head, Danny Dannon, is coming to America to raise money among the Evangelical Christians to fund his political bid.

It seems that Benjamin Netanyahu, the former darling of the Christian Evangelicals, has lost much of his support since becoming less radical in his approach. Christian Zionists want the most radical politician they can find (fund). Since not enough Israelis are that radical and won't give enough support to such people, these politicians have to raise money among Christian Zionists!

The Jerusalem Post reported on July 19, "Netanyahu, who was long a star in the evangelical Christian world, has disappointed Christian Zionists as he takes a more centrist view to pander to Israeli voters, Dannon said."


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