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I Have Heard Their Cry

Jul 18, 2007

I doubt if ever in history there have been more Christians crying out to God as at the present time. In many ways it is comparable to the situation in the early chapters of the book of Exodus, when God heard the cries of His people and sent Moses to deliver them from bondage (Ex. 3:7).

When Israel cried out to God in those days, they did not know why God had put them into bondage in Egypt. Most of them probably blamed Pharaoh. And yet many of them must have had some dim understanding that God was behind this. After all, the very definition of God tells us that God could have delivered Israel at any time He chose.

They simply did not know His timing. In those days when books were hand-written and scarce, most of them probably did not understand God's word to Abram in Gen. 15:13-16, where God told him that his seed would be a stranger in a land that was not his. God said that they would be delivered after 400 years and in the fourth generation from Isaac: Jacob, Levi, Jochebed, Moses.

Since Abraham's seed began with Isaac, who was a stranger in a land not his (in Canaan), they spent the first 190 years in Canaan, and the final 210 years in Egypt. The first 70+ years in Egypt were good years, because Joseph was ruling Egypt, and he did not die until he was 110 years old. The final 80 years or so were the worst, beginning with the time of the birth of Moses, when Pharaoh made a law that Israel's male children had to be aborted.

If the Israelites had understood TIMING, they could have known when the divine plan would set them free. Their 400 years did not end until Moses was 80 years old. That was when Moses came to set them free.

Though we struggle with bondages, God is never in a hurry. America, too, has a running parallel with Israel of old, for we have just concluded our own 400-year cycle since the Jamestown Colony in 1607. We, too, have been in bondage to Mystery Babylon since 1914, and life was not a bed of roses before then either.

The Church today has largely rejected the divine law, so it does not really know what sins they must repent of. Even so, it is not so much the specific sins, which are transgressions, but rather the inner heart condition called INIQUITY. This is lawlessness, or anomia, as the NT calls it. When Jesus died on the cross, "He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities."

A wound shows blood that can be seen from the outside. A bruise is caused by internal bleeding. Thus, He was wounded for our overt transgressions, but He was bruised for our internal condition of lawlessness. His death covered both aspects of the problem.

It is unlikely that ancient Israel knew how to repent any more than we do today. In both cases, there has probably been too much focus upon the external injustices being perpetrated. These are certainly part of the problem, but they are not the root of the problem. Iniquity is the root of the problem, and this is what God is dealing with in His people even today.

The book of Exodus tells us that Israel cried out to God because of their bondage, and that God heard their cry at the appointed time. It does NOT tell us that Israel repented of anything. They did not know the problem, and so they did not know what to repent of. But God was bringing them to the point where they would cry out to Him, for only then could He REVEAL to them both their transgressions and their iniquity.

It is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance, Paul says in Rom. 2:4, because without His revelation, we simply do not understand the problem. Without understanding the problem, we think we are being treated unjustly, for we think we are more righteous than we are. The alternative is to blame the unrighteous among us--the secularists, the abortionists, the homosexuals, the advocates of free love, the liberals. But they are not the problem. They are only a symptom of the problem, for they manifest the hidden iniquity in the heart of the Church.

In 2 Chron. 7:14, we read, "If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face . . . then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

The healing of America and any other nation is not dependent upon the repentance of the unbelievers. It depends upon the repentance of the believers. The Church has been ruling as King Saul for the past 2000 years, and now the Overcomers have been given the reigns of divine government. So for those who aspire to be overcomers, take heed. Your nation and the world as a whole will respond to the collective decree and cry from the heart of the overcomers.

Of course, even the overcomers are dependent upon God to open their eyes, so that they can pray and repent properly. But Paul also tells us in Rom. 11:7 that the overcoming remnant called "the election" has that ability to see, for they are not blinded as most are.

Back in 1981, God raised up the Net of Prayer to call the Church to commit themselves to 5 years of spiritual warfare and intercession. The Church did not respond as a whole, though a few individual believers did. If they had responded, God would have revealed to them the things needed to bring proper repentance, so that God would heal our land.

In 1986 God called me to raise up a "New Net of Prayer." I did not understand this at the time and rejected this Word. God brought me into Cursed Time (for further training) for 3 x 414 days, ending on January 27, 1990. The following year He called me back into the ministry, after 10 years of working secular jobs. Thus, from 1991-1996 the same type of call went forth as in 1981-1986.

The actual spiritual warfare, however, could not begin until Nov. 1993, because King Saul (the Church) was still reigning until May 30, 1993 (Feast of Pentecost). King Saul had to have his full complement of 40 Jubilees.

God then gave us the foundational revelation of TIMING, which admittedly was partial at the time, yet enough to do the job. I am convinced that theoretically, if the Church had responded ten years earlier to the prayer call, God would not have withheld the revelation of timing so that the Net of Prayer would have known what to do in 1986--that is, to declare the 120th Jubilee from Adam on Oct. 13, 1986.

Instead, because the overcomer representatives responded in the early 1990's, God gave the particular revelation of timing and allowed us to declare the Jubilee ten years late in 1996, which was according to the pattern set forth in the days of Hezekiah. I wrote about this in Secrets of Time and also in past web logs.

In September 1999 we came to the end of the second day (2,000 years) dating from Jesus' birth. This was a key date, because of the prophecy in Hosea 6:2. We could not really be "raised up" until the third day--after Rosh Hashana, Sept. 11, 1999.

Further, because the 7-1/2 year transition from Saul to David did not end until Nov. 30, 2000, the overcomers could not fully enter their calling until that date.

Thus, beginning 2001, a new round of spiritual warfare began, and we are only now (2007) seeing the results of that warfare manifested in the world.

We are seeing the Church crying out to God in a way that is unprecedented. Most do not really understand the problem, but they know there is a problem. And I am saying that God has heard their cry. This month of July 2007 is a crucial month, for it is the end of 40 years since 1967, as well as the end of a 40-day time of prayer and fasting (7-7-07). Tomorrow ends 40 months of intercession as well.

Watch what God is about to do in the months ahead.

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