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Evangelicals Pushing Hard for Immediate War with Iran

Jul 25, 2007

In Part 1 of my series on Early Church History, I showed how Rome became the Christian Jerusalem and how more recent denominations have suffered from the same Holy Real Estate Disease.

This disease must be circular in some way, because Christian Zionism has gone full circle, taking the Holy Real Estate out of Rome's hands and putting it back in the hands of the old Jerusalem. This, in spite of the fact that Jeremiah prophesied in no uncertain terms that God would forsake Jerusalem "as Shiloh" (Jer. 7:12-14). And Jesus said it would never again bring forth fruit (Matt. 21:19), even after it would come back to life and bring forth more leaves (Matt. 24:32).

They simply do not understand the history of God's changes of address from Shiloh, to Jerusalem, to the people of the New Jerusalem.

This error is causing Evangelicals to push for war against Iran to protect the Israeli state from God, whose stated purpose is to destroy Jerusalem (Isaiah 29:1-6; Jer. 19:10, 11) and to "cast out the bondwoman and her son" (Gal. 4:25-30).

Here is another news article about Evangelicals pushing for war once again like good Crusaders.


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