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Christians in Iran Increasing

Jul 25, 2007

Joel Rosenberg, former political advisor to Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, wrote this on April 27, 2007,

As a former Muslim and evangelist, I have preached the Gospel to millions of Muslims for nearly two decades. I talk with Muslims and former Muslims on a daily basis. In reaching Muslims with the Gospel and message of democracy, I have seen countless lives transformed and many healed. Up to two weeks ago, I was excited to report that only within the last 12 months, estimated 45,000 Muslims have come to Christ through our ministry. By listening to my colleagues who serve in and out of Iran and by looking at the ever increasing number of hits on our web sites, I had no doubt that God is doing something great in Iran. But up to two weeks ago, I had no idea how great His work has been!

Please allow me share with you just one of the inspiring testimonials that has opened my eyes to the mighty works of Jesus in Iran.

Two weeks ago, I was interviewed by one of the most popular Iranian anchors on a political program. The anchor announced the topic a few times right before the interview. The topic was "Why Iranians are converting to Christianity". In this program, I explained the reasons and cautiously confirmed that an estimated 500,000 Iranians have come to Christ since radical Muslims took over the country in 1979. After the program, the anchor reported that over 950,000 Iranians (Muslims) tuned in to watch the interview on the Internet and millions watched on satellite TV. 
The anchor Mr. Maybodi, is a moderate secular Muslim who promotes regime change and democracy for Iran through his daily show. He is one of the most highly respected journalists in Iranian media today. The following day he contacted me again and said this: "after the interview last night, several prominent religious and political leaders contacted me from in and out of Iran and claimed that millions of Iranians have become a Christian just within the last few years. They are claiming that your estimate is very low!" He shared some more reports and testimonials and then added: "it seems the atrocities of the Islamic regime have caused millions of Iranians leave Islam for Christianity!" [Emphasis added]

Wow, Millions! Since this interview, I have received additional reports and testimonies confirming that the number of Muslim convert has alreay passed one million! I am trying to be very cautious here because there is no way to know the exact number of converts in Iran but even Muslims in Iran are claiming that the number has passed a million already. This is what I call a massive revival! This confirms that something great is about to happen in Iran which will impact the whole Muslim world. Now I know that what we are seeing today is just the tip of iceberg! 

What is happening in Iran? 

Beloved, over a decade ago, the Lord revealed to me through a vision that by the end of 2007, we will be the catalyst for bringing a million Muslims to Christ. What I know and what I've seen confirms the fact that since the Iranian revolution of 1979, at least a million Iranians have left Islam for Christianity! This is a conservative estimate and many highly credible sources inside Iran report that the actual number is much higher.

It is obvious that in His mighty works among Iranians, God is also using PMI to advance His Kingdom in the Muslim world. However, the ministry of PMI is simply an extension of the Body of Christ. Believers, your prayers and financial support will have long term impact on the Muslim world. Be assured that every prayer and every penny invested in this ministry is influencing the eternal destiny of millions!

As you know the recent developments in Iran have caused the international community alarm. The Iranian regime appears to fuel strife across the region, capriciously declares Israel should be "wiped" off the map, ignores an international concern regarding its nuclear program, and hosts conferences which deny historical truth for political gain. At the current rate of development, Iran will potentially acquire nuclear weapons in the next few years. It seems like Ahmeninejad's oligarchy desires to drag the entire world into World War III. However, we know instinctively that a military strike against Iran would be a stop gap measure only and would most likely expand into a regional conflict and not ensure security of any kind for the world or freedom for the Iranian people. Most importantly, a military attack will help Mullahs to manipulate nationalist Iranians to take side with them to defend their country. As we all know, a domineering, paranoid, violence-subscribing ideology drives the actions of the top leaders in Iran. To resolve these conflicts on a long-term basis, this ideology must be addressed and the time to do so is ripe!

My Comment: Did you catch that reference to "the end of 2007"? This coincides with what I believe is happening this year. And I find this a breath of fresh air that he would tell us that "a military strike against Iran would be a stop gap measure only, and would most likely expand into a regional conflict and not ensure security of any kind for the world . . ."

At last we have a Christian who actually wants to convert the Iranians, instead of bombing them all to oblivion. That sounds more like the character of Christ than we find among most Christian Zionists.

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