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Article: Israel Given OK to Attack Iran

Jul 16, 2007

News Max reports:

Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs said he has received approval from the U.S. and Europe for an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities." If we start military operations against Iran alone, then Europe and the U.S. will support us,” Avigdor Lieberman said following a meeting with NATO and European Union officials.

Lieberman said the Western powers recognized the Iranian nuclear threat to Israel, Israel Today magazine reported. But military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan are "going to prevent the leaders of countries in Europe and America from deciding on the use of force to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities,” and they are sending the message that Israel should "prevent the threat herself.”


It looks to me like President Bush is recognizing the reality of the situation, that our own troops are bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that we would not be able to send any troops into Iran any time soon.

Likewise, though we have baited Iran for a long time to get them to attack us first, they have not taken the bait.

Furthermore, the political situation in the world is such that this whole war is only becoming more and more unpopular. This means time is against those who want the USA to attack Iran's nuclear power plants on behalf of the Israelis.

So someone has concluded that if Iran's nuclear power plant is going to be bombed, it will have to be done by the Israelis themselves. The USA can no longer be counted on to fight wars to make the world safe for Zionism.

This latest news, if true, is another giant step toward the great disaster that will shake the world to its core. The irony of it is that the Israelis have had nuclear weapons since the 1960’s, but don’t want anyone else to challenge her power in the region. They don’t even want their neighbors to have a nuclear power plant, which might lead to nuclear weapons.

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