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A Short History of Executive Orders

Jul 23, 2007

The following article was not written by me, but by one of our readers. I had considered writing something like this, but decided against it for lack of time. But one of our readers did an excellent job, so I am reproducing it here for your consideration. . . .

Today you wrote in your blog: ". . . I wonder if we are already under martial law. . ."

To properly understand the multiple executive orders that recent presidents have decreed, one must understand the historical roots in our move from a republic to a democracy. The move has been very gradual (much like slow boiling a frog) and planned over time by the Illuminati.

The real shift began with the Civil War. According to the Constitution, Congress was to reconvene the first Monday in December after an election. After the election of Lincoln in 1860, most of the Southern states refused to send their senators and representatives back to Congress. According to the principles of government (John Locke's writings were a major source), the Republic ceased to exist. There was not a quorum for Congress to pass any positive law and conduct their constitutional duties.

Thus, the Constitution was suspended. Obviously, it was not prudent for those in power to point this out, so, with few exceptions, the citizens were completely unaware. The Congress certainly was aware of this and the southern congressmen apparently pre-planned it to create a constitutional crisis to improve their bargaining position regarding states rights. However, their strategy backfired.

Lincoln, instead of acquiescing to Southern demands, decided to strengthen the central government. He then conducted the war under martial law and ignored the Constitution. A prime example of this was the suspension of habeas corpus. Congress became an "advisory" body, like the elected representatives in the Greek city states, which were the first true democracies.

The facade of the Republic remained in place, but underneath it was complete Presidential power, with Congress passing "resolutions" and rubber stamping the laws decreed by Lincoln. Sound familiar?

Whether or not Lincoln intended to restore the Constitutional government after the war is open to debate. Obviously, he never had the chance. Andrew Johnson from Tennessee attempted to restore the government and came within a couple of votes of being impeached for his troubles.

The Southern states that were readmitted to the Union did so only after redrafting their constitutions stating their subservience to the Federal government. Over the next 60 years all the rest of the states, north and south, redrafted their constitutions to comply with this model. Roosevelt required a redraft post-1933. I understand that the states have redrafted their constitutions again in recent years without geographic descriptions of their territories, making them nothing more than an arm of the Federal overlay of government over the citizens.

Lincoln conducted the war under martial law. Subsequent presidents have used martial rule, a somewhat benign form of martial law. In any event, the foundation of this law is found in Military Law. The root of Military Law is Roman law. If one studies the US Military Code of Justice, they will find the underlying principles of how our government is conducted today. Compare the "rights" of an indicted soldier with the so-called "rights" of the average citizen in today's courts. The parallels are unmistakable.

Constitutional law has been replaced by codified law. Indictments are based on various Federal and State Codes and are applied exactly as the Military Code of Justice is applied.

We are now transitioning from martial rule back to martial law. The president is beginning to conduct his presidency exactly the same as Lincoln did during wartime. Executive orders have the same effect as laws passed by Congress prior to the Civil War. However, the effect of the Executive Order is immediate and without debate. They cannot be overruled by Congress and/or the Supreme Court. Constitutional checks and balanced cease to exist.

Where will this all lead? I believe it will result in an overt Emperor-Presidency. Bush and his Busheviks may decide to stay in power and call off the 2008 election with the ongoing war as an excuse. It might become too risky in his mind to risk a transfer of government in this time of international crisis.

All it would take would be another "black flag" terrorist attack or two, coupled with a nuclear event somewhere in the world to justify this scenario. Chertoff, the Director of Homeland "Security" (snicker, snicker) already had a "gut feeling" that something is afoul on the domestic front. The fact that he has this gut feeling will be enough to allay criticism and justify more "security" measures when the inevitable takes place. In the past few days Chertoff has trotted out several minions to confirm his suspicions. (It is ironic that Chertoff is the son of a fundamentalist rabbi and was raised as a Zionist with the Cabala as his bible.)

Is any of this possible? . . . Expect it. There are very few Christians that would believe what I've written here. But in true Laodicean tradition, they have not studied the history that backs up everything I've said. . . . Understanding that we are now a democracy and not a republic is foundational. But it is only the starting point.

(End of quote)

My Comment: Lincoln was elected in November of 1860, but did not take office until the following March. Meanwhile, the Southern states began to revolt from the Union in December, and by February of 1861 they had already set up their Confederate States of America with Jefferson Davis as their President. All this was done before Lincoln even came to office, while President Buchanan (who had Southern sympathies) did nothing to stop the nation from falling apart.

Lincoln inherited the problem. He did not cause it. He also saw how foreign interests were working hard to split the Union and was determined not to let them succeed. In my view, Lincoln did intend to restore Constitutional government, at least much as possible, but was killed just a few days after the end of the war.

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