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The Price of Revelation Truth

Jun 18, 2007

Grace is free. Revelation Truth can cost you everything. These are called "pearls" in the Bible because of their value.

This past week end at the Father's Day conference at Peculiar, MO, I met people who have learned the high cost of truth. There is a pastor in Little Rock named Dick King. Until recently, he was a Baptist minister. He learned the truth of Universal Reconciliation. Now he is a generic preacher, as they asked him to take the word "Baptist" off the name of the church. It is now just Indian Hills Church, and it has been greatly downsized as many of his friends have been taught to fear those who believe in too much Grace and too much Good News. You can see his web site at:

www.indianhillschurch.org .

Another pastor that greatly impressed me was Don Hendricks, a Presbyterian pastor from the Phoenix area. His address is from Sun Lakes, AZ. See the next web log for a quote telling about his earlier experience. He struck me as a serious thinker who knows how to think with his spirit and not just his soul. He read all of my books online and came to a solid understanding of the Restoration of All Things. For all of his education and experience, it is obvious that the Father kept his mind open and answered his heart's cry to know God and His ways. But he too has learned that Truth carries a high price tag.

Pastor Hendricks also told me that he really wanted to attend our Secrets of Time conference when I was in Cottonwood, AZ six weeks ago, but was unable to come. The loss was ours.

Anyway, Pastor King and Pastor Hendricks came out of the closet recently. There are a multitude of "Closet Reconciliationists" in the Churches out there. I do not expect them all to come out of the closet immediately. I would advise them to get a solid understanding first, so that they are able to withstand the onslaught that is inevitable. They need to know that the high price they are paying is a bargain for the pearl that they are purchasing.

On the other hand, there are many also who prefer not to pay such a price at all, and so they remain Closet Reconciliationists for the rest of their lives. That is between them and God, of course. Everyone's circumstances are different, and I understand that. But some are motivated by fear, rather than by love, and this is not a proper motive.

I am also reminded of Jeremiah, who said that he tried to keep quiet, but the word was like a fire in his bones, and he just couldn't shut up (Jer. 20:9). That speaks of commitment. He was not in the prophetic business to make a money or build a large church. He was called to share the word that God had imprinted upon him. It was so much a part of who he was that he could not help but share it.

Of course, the manner in which we share the Word with others can often make a difference in our success or failure. We need wisdom, love, discernment, and even the ability to shut up when they are filled to the brim, rather than to overload them with truth.

At the conference last week end, I had the pleasure of meeting the other speakers as well, some of whom I had never met before. I met Willie Cripps for the first time and was impressed by his down-to-earth Arkansas wisdom that he has accumulated over the years. I also met Dr. Harold Lovelace for the first time. He has been ministering Reconciliation for 55 years--essentially since the end of the Latter Rain movement.

Dr. Lovelace will be going to Trinidad next month to teach the Word. I have been to Trinidad twice and am planning to go again this November. There is a growing Reconciliation-Kingdom movement there as various pastors study and ponder these things and teach it in their churches. Pray that the Kingdom movement will continue to grow in Trinidad and that Dr. Lovelace will have the revelation that will be most helpful to the people.

I was also able to meet Bob Torango of Tennessee. I had met him in May 1993 at a conference, and more recently have corresponded with him by email on occasion, but our paths did not cross again until now. This too was an important connection. Bob's web site is:


We also were able to re-connect with Gary and Michele Amirault, who live just outside of St. Louis, MO. We visited them at their house in 1992. Gary's ministry is called Tentmaker. His web site has a lot of good resource material on Universal Reconciliation. It is at:


John Gavazzoni, from the Los Angeles area, was another of the speakers. Our paths had never crossed before these meetings, but we have many friends in common. It was a real pleasure meeting and talking with him. You can see some of his material on his web site:


Finally, the two sponsors of the conference were Rick Spencer and Mike Cronk, who is the pastor of the host church there in Peculiar, MO. I have driven past that church for years on my way south and did not know what an oasis it was. Rick and Mike each seemed to think that the other guy was the sponsor. In carnal circles, you can only have one bull in the bull pen without causing trouble. But in this case, two heads were better than one.

In times past, we have often stopped at motels in that area as we traveled south. Now we have friends to pester, and we look forward to visiting them in the future. Jack and Ted, thanks for telling Bob and Linda about the church and the conference. We had a wonderful time at their house over the week end!

Those attending the conference, including the local church group, were very responsive to the word. There is just never enough time to fellowship in times like this. We always wish we could spend an entire week visiting and hearing the Word--but I know that even that would not be enough (except for those who do the work to make it happen!).

Conferences like this have great value in connecting people from around the country and making people realize that they are not alone, even if they are scattered thinly around the country. The price of Truth often is rejection by mainstream believers who are afraid of stepping out into anything different from what they have been taught in the past. Often times, Truth is measured to each according to their lack of fear. Unfortunately, more often, churches teach fear more than faith or love, and this has had a detrimental effect on many believers. So understand that, and be patient with them, doing what you can to allay their fears.

We are planning to hold a conference in Leslie, Arkansas (an hour's drive north of Little Rock) from Sept. 14-16. We were able to do some planning this past week end, but we do not have any details worked out yet. However, keep this in mind, if any of you feel that you may want to attend. Most of you would have to stay in motels in nearby Clinton or Marshall, Arkansas. But there will also be some modest rooms on location for those who cannot afford staying in motels. In such cases, you would be asked to clean your own room and do the laundry when the week end is concluded.

This web log is somewhat of a basket of things collected over the week end. I hope to continue the previous studies on Joseph in the days to come.

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