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The Hebron Prison

Jun 07, 2007

Hebron was the place of the Absalom conspiracy against David (2 Sam. 15:9). In the New Testament, when this prophetic story was replayed, Judas Iscariot played the role of Ahithophel who had earlier betrayed David in the conspiracy. Judas was from Hebron as well, for his name Iscariot is the Greek form of Ish-Kerioth, "a man of Kerioth." Kerioth-Arba was the old name for Hebron.

In fact, the present-day Jewish settlement at Hebron is called Keryat Arba.

In today's world, the conspiracy against David and David's Greater Son is currently being played out once again, as I have written many times. Thus, I find it interesting that Hebron is once again one of the major points of contention in the modern conspiracy to usurp the Birthright and the Birthright name, Israel.

To get an idea of how life is made as miserable as possible for the Palestinians in Hebron, see the following article.


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Dr. Stephen Jones

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