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New Book on God's Sovereignty

Jun 19, 2007

James Bruggeman has just completed a new book entitled Sacred Secrets of the Sovereignty of God," with the subtitle: "Who is in charge? I AM."

I finished reading it last week just before going to the Father's Day conference in Missouri. There have been many books written on the subject of Free Will. Most are unbalanced, because either they make God a helpless giant in the sky, or they go the other way and seem to establish fatalism.

James has found the proper balance in his book with certain keys which he calls "Sacred Secrets." One of these secret keys is the understanding of God's will and His plan--the difference betweenthelema and boulema in the New Testament.

Another great key, of course, is to understand the Restoration of All Things. Without this key, the sovereignty of God makes Him quite a tyrant (as Calvin presented Him), for it would mean that God created and predestined most people specifically to be tortured for eternity. More than any other doctrine, this has turned people away from believing the sovereignty of God, for the idea of man's free will seems to them to be a much better alternative.

Anyway, the book is 256 pages of main text, followed by 7 appendices, an index, and so on. It is the first book of three that he plans to write as a trilogy. The second will be on the state of the dead, and the third on the Restoration of All Things.

James is thorough, and He is a trained journalist by education, so he is a good writer who presents the case in a very clear fashion. I do not normally handle other people's books, because then everyone would want me to handle their books, and I would soon be overloaded and run out of space. But I am making an exception in this case and asked James to send me a supply of these books to recommend and offer you.

The book price is $20 each, plus $6.00 postage to send within the USA. To send books out of the country, the postage rates vary, so we just ask that you estimate it and cover the cost. If you end up a little short, don't worry about it. We just want you to have the book.

To order one, you can email me at godskingdm@aol.com and ask me to send you a copy of James' book. You may pay for it either by mail, or through PayPal by clicking on the "Send a Donation" button. Since we do not have it listed on our book list, you can't do it the conventional way, but we can certainly match your PayPal "donation" with your order at this end.

If you send a check through the mail, our address is:

God's Kingdom Ministries, 6201 University Ave. N.E., Fridley, MN 55432

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