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Jerusalem's 40-Year Anniversary Wash-out

Jun 04, 2007

According to a Mideast On Target article written by Jewish author Yisrael Ne'eman on May 28, 2007,

"This year's 40th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem was for the most part cancelled by torrential rains flooding out the ceremonies held in honor of Jerusalem--the 'United Eternal Capital' of Israel and the Jewish people. The time has arrived for the myth of a united Jerusalem to be washed away. No one remembers such a late rainstorm as such and everyone is asking the question of why it happened on Jerusalem Day."

The author goes on to interpret this washout in terms of the Hebrew letter mem, which serves as the Hebrew number 40. Mem literally means "water." He takes it as a bad sign for Jerusalem. Then he goes on to deplore the fact that Jerusalem is the most divided city in the world and that the Palestinian population in that city is growing.

Ne'erman is telling his readers that essentially this wash-out is a sign of Noah's flood. In this, he is in agreement with Jesus who said the same in Luke 17. If anyone has ears to hear, they should get out of town before the destruction hits--and don't look back!


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