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Clarification on previous Web Log

Jun 18, 2007

Pastor Don Hendricks wrote me an email today to clarify/correct an earlier statement that I had made concerning his background.

"My charismatic period preceded my ordination into the Presbyterian Church in America.  It was during College I attended many charismatic meetings and was involved with my sister in charismatic revival in an Episcopal Church in Houston TX.  I pastored in the Presbyterian Church in America from 1976 through 1993 and moved to Independecy.  I pastored a Dispensationally oriented church for seven years during which time I studied eschatology in order to have a better answer to millennial madness than my fuzzy amillenialism.  Though I have it written in my journal I cannot remember the link this continuing study made to universal reconciliation, but the last two years have been the most revolutionary period of blessed reexamination in my Christian experience."

I just wanted to keep the record accurate. As I get to know him better, I'm sure I will learn many interesting things from him to share with you.

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