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Kansas City Conference in June

May 11, 2007

Rick Spencer is putting together a conference in Kansas City next month in which he has invited speakers from various streams of Reconciliation teaching. He has asked me to be one of the speakers as well. For details, go to www.imrestored.com and look on the right side for the information on the conference. Or go directly to the information at:




This site also includes information about speakers, meeting schedule, and nearby motels. The site itself says this . . . .


National Conference – Father’s Day – Kansas City



The 3rd Annual National UR Conference has been set for Father’s Day June 15-16-17 in Kansas City,Missouri. Pastor Mike & Linda Cronk will be hosting the event at their church, Joyful Sound Worship Center actually located in a southern suburb of Kansas City, with the appropriate name of Peculiar.


Dr. Harold Lovelace (Mobile, Alabama) Dr. Lovelace has ministered at all three National Conferences and is a father of reconciliation having pioneered this message beginning in 1952.

John Gavazzoni (Thousand Oaks, California) John, likewise has ministered at each of the conferences and is a favorite. His writings are prolific and is a veteran of this message for well over 40 years.

Stephen Jones Stephen has come to the forefront with the UR message having literally 100’s of thousands of hits on his web-site on a monthly basis. His “Feast of Tabernacles” and “Jubilee” revelations make the UR message so pronounced.

Bob Torango (Dickson, Tennessee)

Gary Amirault and Willie Cripps are also listed as speakers. If any of you are interested and able to attend, I know you will be welcome. The site also lists hotels for those of you needing accommodations. (The Holiday Inn is filled already.)

The meetings will be held at:

Joyful Sound Worship Center

11400 W. 218th St.

Peculiar, MO

Tel: 816-758-4810

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