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Is it a Hate Crime to Believe the Bible?

Apr 27, 2007

There is a disturbing side effect to President Bush's Iraq War policy. It is serving to purge the political base of the Republican Party of all except the most Zionist of Christians, which is about 1/3 of the voters. This is ensuring that the Democratic Party will win big in the election next year.

The political fallout from this shift is this: all of the rights lost during the Bush administration, along with the new torture policies, will never be repealed, but will simply be applied differently in the new administration. The Democratic Party, which is dedicated to sexual freedom and the homosexual agenda, is working hard to make it a criminal offense to make anyone feel bad about their sexual sin.

America is moving toward the same type of laws now current in some other countries, which will make it a "hate crime" to criticize homosexual relationships or to believe that such things are a sin, biblically speaking. Such "crimes" will be punishable by sentences longer than if a person commits murder. Worse yet, the language of current bills is such that it would be a hate crime to hold an opinion or belief that opposes homosexual behavior in any way.

By the way, I have no sympathy for those who truly do hate homosexuals or anyone else. Those who have been taking it upon themselves to beat up homosexuals are part of the problem, because they have helped to create a political atmosphere in which these laws are now being passed. Those who hate sinners in the name of Jesus only cause a retaliation from the world.

Below is a good article on this.


Leave it to the Republican Party to bring in harsh sentences and torture that is no longer defined as torture, so that the Democratic Party can come in later and apply those unjust laws to Christians.

Perhaps the prayer of the Chinese Christians will soon come to pass. They have been praying that Christians in America will have the opportunity to face persecution, so that we can come to know Jesus in the same way that they do.

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