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Progress Report for March

Mar 22, 2007

As you know, I have cut back on the web logs this month in order to catch up on other projects. Here is a report on what has been accomplished this month so far:

Reprinted books:

1. The Purpose of Resurrection

2. The Purpose of Law and Grace (now in a pocket size book, with some added material, which I will bring to the print shop tomorrow)

3. Secrets of Time (to be completed in early April)

New books Printed:

1. The Rapture in the Light of Tabernacles

2. A Short History of Universal Reconciliation (pocket size book)

3. SPANISH: The Purpose of Resurrection

4. SPANISH: The Barley Overcomers

Other Projects:

1. The Problem of Evil is ready for printing, but hey, I've spent all your money on the other projects and have to wait until later to get this printed.

2. Free Will vs. Ownership is now translated into Spanish and will be posted and printed soon.

3. Creation's Jubilee. We're down to a half dozen copies left and need to reprint this after Secrets of Time is finished. That will take some babel-bucks to do, because it is one of the large books.

4. The Law of Tithing is currently just an article posted online. I'm researching this now and hope to expand it into a pocket size book for printing later. It is also one of the courses offered on the Burning Bush Bible School, so this really does need to be expanded.

5. A Short History of Universal Reconciliation is currently being translated into Spanish.

6. If God Could Save Everyone--Would He? is currently being translated into Spanish.

7. Commentary on the Psalms. I have been working on this again, after setting it aside for a couple of years. The book is still evolving, and I have now separated the Psalm study from the actual study on numerology (the biblical meaning of numbers). I am also inserting the factor of the Hebrew letters and how the word pictures of those letters contribute toward the meaning of the numbers themselves. I want to finish the Genesis Book of Psalms (Psalm 1-41) before I put it into print.

8. The Book of Hebrews. I have finally finished taping my study on this book and am getting ready to send out some tapes to the tape ministry. We have 3 tapes finished and duplicated, and if we can get the final 2 tapes finished, we'll send them all out next week, God willing. If not, we'll just send out the 3 we have done, and send the other 2 later.

I also have transcripts of most of these taped studies now, thanks to Robert Burgess, who was kind enough to work on this. (He is the one coordinating the Burning Bush Bible School.) Insofar as putting this study into print, however, I have only been able to finish the Introduction to the book. I will focus more on that when I finish the other projects that are more urgent.

Taped Studies Available on CD's So Far:

1. Studies in the Book of Acts (8) or 1 MP

2. Studies in the Book of Romans (16) or 2 MP's

3. The Feast Days of Israel (7) or 1 MP

4. The Law of Offerings (6) or 1 MP

5. Study in Haggai (3) or 1 MP

6. Studies in the Book of Hebrews (12) or 2 MP's

7. Spiritual Maturity (1) or 1 MP with Spiritual Warfare

8. Spiritual Warfare (2)

All in all, I think that we accomplished quite a bit in the month of March. And to those who have sent offerings to help us do this, a BIG THANKS.

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