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Burning Bush Bible School Update

Mar 29, 2007

We are making progress on the curriculum for Burning Bush. Many of you have elected to take the first year's online courses, which were opened up to all on the first of this year. The second year's courses should be completed shortly. If you are interested in taking the courses, you can get the information at:


Let me acknowledge the hard work that many people have been putting into this. I made it clear from the beginning that I do not have the time to work on this. My input has to be limited to writing the text books, and I have had to leave it to others to write the work books. Robert Burgess got the call some years ago to organize this and lead it, and he has found a number of people who were willing to help write the work books.

Here is a letter from Robert that will give you an update from him:

Dear Friends, Saints of the Kingdom, and Students of Burning Bush Institute,

Greetings to all; just a line to update everyone on the progress being made at Burning Bush. We have recently updated our downloads site with new online testing forms in place of the original workbooks that we were using for our first year curriculum. By the end of April or the first of May we plan to have our entire 2nd level (year 2) curriculum finished and the site updated with these forms as well.

The online testing forms will be much easier for everyone to use and will expedite the correcting/grading procedure in every way. We welcome your feedback on any of this, some may not like to use the forms, and if they prefer the original workbooks instead they can still open/download them from the 'Mac' portion of the site as .rtf (rich text format) files.

Keep in mind that the forms are designed for easier access and to save everyone much work, both on the part of the students and the admin. If anyone has problems accessing their work please don't hesitate to notify us. We are glad to help in any way we can.

Love and Blessings to all,

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