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Jesus Casts out the Moneychangers

Feb 19, 2007

It seems that a sculpture of Jesus casting out the moneychangers may be the latest prophetic sign of MERCY for the world.

"Worshippers are flocking to a statue of Jesus Christ in a MERSEYSIDE gallery claiming it possesses miraculous powers. . . "The sculpture, 'Cleansing of the Temple,' portrays an angry Jesus brandishing a whip ready to drive out the moneylenders from the temple."

People claim that sparks are flying from His eyes in the sculpture. Since the biblical story is actually a prophecy of the fall of Mystery Babylon, with its Federal Reserve Banking System, I find this to be an interesting sign of the times.


No, I am not the sculptor in the picture. I'm much more pleasant looking, or so I like to think.

I have noticed that this year, 2007, seems to be characterized by the word MERCY. We are seeing the results of intercession and spiritual warfare that was done in past years. Good things are happening behind the scenes.

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Category: News Commentary
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones