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Inching Toward War with Iran

Feb 24, 2007

The United States government knows that Iran is nowhere near having nuclear capability yet, for they are just now building centrifuges that would produce nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes. They would have to further enrich that fuel in order to have the grade necessary for weapons. The real urgency, I think, is in the fact that time is on Iran's side. It is generally expected that the next U.S. president will likely not be so quick to go to war as the current president. Those with the war agenda behind the scenes know that they must act before President Bush leaves office.

Furthermore, as the current Iraq war becomes more and more unpopular with Americans, and President Bush's approval ratings drop accordingly, it is by no means certain that he will have the continuing will to go against the wishes of the majority of Americans. True, he no longer has to worry about another election, but the Republican Party DOES have to worry about this.

In my view, there are people behind the scenes who believe that war with Iran takes higher precedence than the salvation of the Republican Party--or any Party for that matter. They pose as patriots, but in fact they are Israeli agents who want America to make the world safe for the Israeli state. The backup plan is for the Israeli state to step in and to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities without America's help.

I had a vision back in 1986 about two Gulf Wars, which is posted online as "The 1986 Vision of the Two Gulf Wars." The first is past, the second is upon us. It was a vision of two bears, or really a vision of one bear, with an angel guarding it. It was a beast of war, called to "devour much flesh," which is what Daniel heard in regard to the Persian Bear in Dan. 7:5.

The first bear was to be released at Ramadan (May) of that year, which turned out to be the time that American officials including Oliver North and Bud McFarlane made their infamous trip to Tehran. This later came to be known as the Iran-Contra Scandal.

On August 2 and 3, 1988 we engaged in spiritual warfare to postpone this war. Thus, Iraq did not invade Kuwait until August 2, 1990. The effort in spiritual warfare procured two years for us in which to call America to repent.

The angel spoke of a second bear which was ultimately called to destroy Jerusalem. It was released on September 11, 2001. The release of this beast was actually delayed by three years when President Clinton confessed his sin at the Congressional Prayer Breakfast on Sept. 11, 1998, reading Psalm 51:10, "Create in me a clean heart, O God."

We may debate the president's motives and how deep his repentance actually went, but we had been given the revelation years earlier (1987) that Gov. Clinton would become President, and that he would manifest a type of King Ahab. King Ahab stole a vineyard (1 Kings 21), and Elijah confronted him with his sin. Ahab "humbled himself" (21:29) though he never gave back the vineyard. Yet even for humbling himself, the nation of Israel received three years of grace, where war was postponed for three years (1 Kings 22:1).

Thus, when President Clinton humbled himself, America's judgment was postponed for three years to the day, and President Bush inherited the problem. If America does not like what he is doing, then the people ought to repent of pushing for war in 2001. Only when we resolve the deeper problem of refusing to recognize God as sovereign--as stated in the American Declaration of Independence, on which authority the Constitution was written--will things begin to change.

It is my understanding that America will not be successful in war until President Bush repents on behalf of the American people, for he represents them and is a reflection of their heart. It is also my belief (and, I believe, my revelation) that God is working steadily to bring about this very repentance. But yet, we will continue to be judged until such repentance takes place, for God is correcting us.

Iran has now rejected the most recent American-led U.N. deadline to stop its nuclear program, unless all other nuclear nations do the same. While technically that is a fair proposal, it is what politicians call a "poison pill," a provision that they know will certainly not be accepted. Every nation uses poison pills when they want to kill a proposal.

So in today's news, Vice President Cheney has reminded us that America still considers war to be an option. Thus, we know that military planners are still putting together plans in case such an attack is decided upon.

But William Thomas has issued a disturbing report about all the computer chips that permeate our military-industrial complex. It seems that the majority of these chips are now being made in China, and Thomas says that these chips are made to disintegrate upon command.


Thomas writes:

"Elements in the U.S. military in touch with Bob and Dave have discovered that Beijing has rigged those decks to insure China’s supremacy in any showdown with the United States. This has been accomplished by ensuring that its exported semiconductors used in many U.S. military computer and electronic components—from cellphones to missile warheads, fighter jets, frigates, radars, laptops and carriers—can be either accidentally or purposefully deactivated by a silent and invisible electromagnetic pulse delivered at the start of any future conflict."

I have no way of knowing or verifying these reports, nor am I a computer expert. But I know the Chinese are very intelligent people, and if such a thing were possible, they would have the capability of doing this. If that is the case, then our military may have already accepted the Trojan Horse by which it would implode unexpectedly at the most critical time.

In my article, "The Beginning of Judgment," which is about September 11, 2001 (posted online in the Articles section), I showed how Isaiah 30:25 speaks of the "rain" (outpouring of the Holy Spirit) is connected to "the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall" (Isaiah 30:25). Isaiah 30 and 31 are about a nation's reliance upon "horses" (military) instead of upon God.

It makes me wonder if God might allow our entire military apparatus to fail, in order to turn our hearts and make us rely totally upon Him. Will it take such a disaster? Is God using the Chinese-made computer chips to turn our hearts? Time will tell. But keep in mind that Isaiah 30 and 31 come in the context of Isaiah 29, which is a prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem ("Ariel"). That is the job description of the second "bear" that was released on Sept. 11, 2001.

The Word of God cannot be broken, and all things will indeed come to pass as prophesied in Scripture. However, the manner of fulfillment will depend upon whether or not the people repent. Repentance will always change things. For instance, Isaiah 29's prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem could be accomplished after an evacuation takes place. Or, even better, it could be fulfilled through the destruction of "the flesh," (i.e., repentance) and not have to be fulfilled literally after all.

But the manner of fulfillment depends upon the Israeli people themselves. If they think repentance means killing or expelling more Palestinians, destroying the Al Aqsa mosque and replacing it with their own physical temple, or setting up animal sacrifices, their "repentance" will be of no avail. One must know what to repent of.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones