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Hebrew Alphabet Tools

Feb 16, 2007

Each Hebrew letter represents a sound by which words are spoken. But each letter is also used as a number and a word (picture). And so when I speak of numeric values (gematria) of a particular letter or word, the value of the word is determined by adding up the value of each letter in the word.

Knowing these simple things can be a valuable addition to your array of tools that you have to understand the Bible. So I am listing the Hebrew alphabet (below), along with its numeric value and its word meaning. You may want to keep this in your Bible or Concordance so that you can do your own word studies. This will also help you when I give you some specific word studies.

alef (1), an ox, symbolizing strength, or as the first letter, the top, highest, greatest

beth (2), a house or household, family

gimel (3), a camel, representing being lifted up (often pride)

daleth (4), a door or opening

hey (5), a window, lattice

vav (6), a nail, connector like the word "and"

zayin (7), a weapon, to cut

chet (8), a fence, inner room; to separate, private

tet (9), a snake, to twist, surround

Yood (10), a hand (closed); deed or work

kaf (20), palm or open hand; to open, allow, or cover

lamed (30), an ox goad; authority

mem (40), water, ocean, chaos

noon (50), fish (darting); teeming with life; living

samech (60), a support, prop, or to twist slowly, turn

ayin (70), an eye, to see, acknowledge, watch, manifest

peh (80), a mouth, to speak, a word

tsadik (90), a fish hook, desire

koof (100), back of the head, that which follows

resh (200), a head, leader, person

shin (300), teeth, to consume, devour, destroy

tav (400), a mark or sign (of covenant, ownership, protection)

Appened by Thom Mills / Highcalling.

You should be aware that a recording on this topic is available called "A Lesson in the Hebrew Language" as noted below that complements and expands upon this weblog.

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May 18, 2002
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