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Follow-up on Iran

Feb 24, 2007

Some have found that the Super Bowl each year tends to be prophetic. Because the teams and cities carry a lot of symbolism it has been fun and interesting to try to predict the outcomes ahead of time. Certainly, over the years there have been too many "coincidences" to be mere chance.

This year on February 4, 2007 the Colts beat the Bears by a score of 29 to 17.

The consensus among us was that the Colts would win, with Peyton Manning (the Manchild) as quarterback. Colts are horses, which also represent the overcomers, or Sons of God. The name Jesus (Greek: Ie-sus) is actually transliterated from the Hebrew Yah-Sus, "Yahweh's Horse." The horse is spelled in Hebrew with a double samech (S-S), a letter which means "prop or support." The horse is also a symbol of Salvation, which is what Yeshua's name means.

Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl after 144 regular season starts. The number 144 has to do with the Elect, specifically the resurrected ones. The Greek name, Lazarus, carries a numeric value of 144. So this number is related to 153, "Sons of God," but differs in shade of meaning.

The game was played in the rain (the outpouring of the Holy Spirit).

"Prince" performed at half-time. Jesus (the Prince of Peace) came suddenly to His Temple in the middle of the feast of Tabernacles (John 7:14) to fulfill Malachi 3:1.

Finally, Tony Dungy and the team owner publicly gave God the credit for the victory.

All in all, the game appeared to have a prophetic implication as a sign of things to come. But in January as we discussed and pondered the implications of this match-up, I wondered if perhaps the Bears might win. After all, to me, the Bears could have signified Persia (Iran), which is called to defeat Mystery Babylon. It did not seem likely that they would win over the Colts, of course, but still . . . I wondered.

As it turned out, it was a WIN-WIN situation once again. The Bears lost to the Colts, but they scored 17, which is the number of Victory in Scripture. Yes, they won, even in losing! So what does that tell us?? This could be a political prophecy for the near future. Iran could win even in losing to the overcomers.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones