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An Interesting Horse Sign

Feb 21, 2007

On Oct. 31, 2006 an unexpected weather pattern flooded parts of the Netherlands, and about 200 horses were stranded on a small island. Eighteen of them drowned before rescue. Eighteen is the number of captivity or bondage. The horses were rescued on Nov. 3 when a few women rode their horses to the island and led the rest of the horses across the water to dry land.

You can watch the rescue on a 6-minute video at:


Horses are associated with the feast of Tabernacles, even as the donkey is a type of Pentecost. Horses depict the Sons of God in Biblical symbolism.

I also find it significant that the women led the horses to dry land. It reminds me of the story of Barak, who would not deliver Israel without the help and support of Deborah (Judges 4:8). This story forms part of a bigger story of the deliverers, whose names prophesy of Sonship.

Othniel = "the force or power of God" (i.e., the Word or Voice of God) depicted by THUNDER.

Ehud = "united"

Barak = "lightning" (depicting the SONS OF GOD; see Psalm 77:17, 18; and Psalm 127:3-5); in union with Deborah, "a bee," signifying ORDERLY

Gideon = "a feller" (or warrior)

Jephthah = "he will open"

The Ark itself, taken by the Philistines, was returned after it destroyed their god, Dagon. This allowed the Israelites to defeat the Philistines through the ministry of the prophet Samuel.

If we put these ideas together, we see that the Voice of God in the Sons--in conjunction with the daughters to bring divine order--will fell the enemy and open the Ark.

For more on the divine relationship between men and women as depicted in marriage, see my book, Old and New Covenant Marriage.

The horses could not come to dry land until the women were united with them on horseback. Then the horses came in a procession, almost single file, behind them. This orderly procession seems to depict the story of Barak and Deborah and, in a greater way, manifests the greater picture painted by the names of the biblical judges.

The Sonship movement (Barak) has been unable to bring forth the Manchild (Sons), because it has kept the Deborah company out of her calling. It takes a woman to bring forth the Manchild. Men cannot do it alone. By extension, the ministers of Sonship do not seem to have understood that the feminine SOUL is important, as well as the SPIRIT.

The soul is not inherently sinful, nor is it the enemy. The soul is the wife of the spirit and should be treated with proper respect. The spiritual man cannot manifest in the earth apart from the soul. The soul is the womb in which the Manchild (spiritual man) is incubated as it grows toward its day of birth. But the horse sign seems to indicate that this situation is changing.

Appened by Thom Mills / Highcalling.

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