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Prophecy by Dennis Cramer

Jan 11, 2007

Once in a while I post links to other web sites that have articles that I believe are of interest and benefit to you.

This should never be taken to mean that I subscribe to all of the beliefs, teachings, or prophecy that these people set forth.

In my view, many prophets come from the realm of King Saul (Pentecost), which is a leavened realm. Many of them focus much of their prophecy on money and prophecies about the Church making lots of money shortly. I think that often such a focus is unbalanced, and even if the prophecy itself speaks the truth, it is usually misapplied and misinterpreted to fit the natural cravings for more money.

One of these days, I may do a blog showing the difference between the Lord's prophets and the Church prophets. They are not necessarily the same thing.

I do not personally know any of the big-name "Church prophets," but I do want to accord them the same respect as David gave to King Saul. Even though Saul was an oppressor and had rebelled against God, he had a legitimate calling and anointing through Samuel. God used Saul to train David in how NOT to rule Israel. Saul was thus of great value to David.

Furthermore, I recognize that even as there are many good people who remained under the authority of King Saul in the time of David, so also there are many good people today who remain in the denominational Church system. Jonathan, for example, loved David with all his heart and would have loved to grant him the Kingdom when his father died. There are some who insist that every true believer must leave the denominational system. I think we should let each person be led by the Spirit, because I do not know the purpose of God in other people's lives. David sent Zadok and Abiathar back to Jerusalem to remain under Absalom, the usurper of David's throne (2 Sam. 15:24-29).

I do not know Dennis Cramer, but the Elijah List has published a prophetic word from him that was given January 9, 2007. He writes: "In 2007, I will awaken ancient anointings!--Each nation will be sent at least one new and terrible angel." I especially like his perspective on the nations each having their own peculiar anointing, calling, and destiny. I have been writing about this very thing in my current series of weblogs. In reading Dennis Cramer's prophecy, I bear witness to what is written here, and so I am posting it for your benefit.


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