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Leo Wanta and the Fall of Financial Babylon

Jan 02, 2007

For the past year I have wondered about the story of Ambassador Leo Wanta and the trillions of dollars under his trusteeship. This fund apparently was originally gathered as part of President Reagan's financial war-plan to bankrupt the Soviet Union in the late 1980's to win the cold war and break up the Soviet Union.

According to the story, the assets of these funds (now over 27 trillion dollars) are dispersed throughout hundreds of banks around the world. Leo Wanta has been trying to re-patriate these funds in order to pay off the U.S. National Debt and jump-start the economy once again, but he is apparently being opposed by high-level politicians and powerful men behind the scenes who want to simply steal the money for their own use.

Reports say that there have been some court cases, particularly in 2003, authorizing Wanta to transfer these funds to the U.S. treasury, but the court decisions have been blocked by the Federal Reserve bankers. Many other nations have a vested interest in this, because they are holding U.S. dollars that are decreasing in value daily. Paying off the U.S. National Debt would immediately increase the value of the U.S. dollar and thus increase the assets of these other countries.

To read more about Leo Wanta, see a series of articles at:


The latest report is that U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, was arrested in Germany on December 23 last week under an International Court arrest warrant for blocking this transfer of funds.


The story is getting to be quite big, and I think that you should be made aware of it, in case it turns out to be for real. There certainly appears to be many witnesses involved in this, although the news media has imposed an absolute black-out on anything to do with it.

I find the timing of this to be either very coincidental or highly prophetic, since the recent execution of Saddam Hussein is a prophetic type of the downfall of Mystery Babylon. When the U.S. invaded Iraq--the territory of Old Babylon--I immediately recognized that President Bush was unknowingly establishing the prophetic type of the overthrow of Mystery Babylon.

In a way, the execution of Saddam Hussein marks the end of Babylon on Dec. 30, 2006. January 1, 2007 marks the 144th anniversary of day that the Emancipation Proclamation took effect (to free the slaves in 1863). There have been quite a few interesting types that we have been watching for many years, as well as time cycles ending about now.

The fact that we are nearing the end of a 25-year intercessory time period for America makes me wonder if perhaps the Wanta plan is part of the way in which God's mercy and deliverance is going to come. Certainly, America will experience some level of judgment, but the mercy factor of the intercessors will also exert a huge positive effect so that we are not destroyed.

Most people predicting the destruction of America do not realize that America (as we knew it) was already "destroyed" in 1913-1914 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. At that point, America was taken into captivity by the prophetic entity called Mystery Babylon. We are now nearing the END of captivity. We are not about to go INTO captivity. For this reason, I see the overall time ahead as being GOOD NEWS, not bad news. Certainly, many who are dependent upon Babylon will be wiped out financially with the system that made them rich. This will include many Church denominations. But the purpose of God in collapsing Babylon is to set us free--not to put us into more bondage.

That perspective is not generally entertained by prophecy teachers or by conspiracy theorists. But I operate from that perspective, primarily because I have been an active participant in intercession since 1981, and because I believe that the intercession has had an effect in changing the course of history and in the collapse of Babylon. Hence, even in the midst of "bad news," I can report that the news is all good, because I see it from God's perspective and not merely from man's perspective.

But read the articles that I have linked to, so that you can be aware of the possible events that could be forming behind the scenes.

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