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Israeli Jets Attempt to Nuke Iran; Stopped by USAF

Jan 19, 2007

William Thomas reported on January 18 that the Israeli Air Force has already tried more than once to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities, but the planes were turned back by the U.S. Air Force as they flew through Iraqi airspace. The latest attempt, he says, occurred on January 7, 2007.


This, along with the buildup of naval forces in the Persian Gulf, could very well be a prelude to war within months. It seems that some military analysts believe that a war must take place during President Bush's term in office, or else, after the next elections, the next president will most likely lack the will to bomb Iran.

The situation is becoming dangerous, and in such situations, any small incident, wrong move, or mistake could be the spark that ignites the whole region.

It would be wise to have some potassium iodate on hand to protect your thyroid from radioactive iodine that would surely drift across the world within a few days or a week. If you are a new reader, you may look up my web log from April 11, 2006 to get more information on potassium iodate. (Sliding into World War III: Final) I think of it as cheap thyroid insurance. I still have some available to you for $20/bottle postage paid. Or write me for quantity discounts of 10 bottles or more at godskingdm@aol.com.

NOTE: I will be speaking at a conference in central Minnesota all day tomorrow (Saturday) and will not be able to write a web log for tomorrow. I suggest that you use this opportunity to catch up on past web logs or books or tapes from our list.

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