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Burning Bush International Bible Institute

Jan 04, 2007

In the past year I have been working closely with Robert Burgess on setting up an online Bible School. This came as the result of a prophetic word given to him over a year ago to set up a Bible School. He contacted me not only for confirmation of the word but also for help with the curriculum.

I have known Robert since 1994 when we both lived in Washington State. I taught "Secrets of Time" at his house for many months with my chart. I believe in helping people with their callings in any way that I can, and so I was led to participate in this project as well. In fact, I have long wanted to do something like this, but never seemed to have the time. I knew it would require someone else to do it who had that calling. The Lord found Robert Burgess.

There are workbooks for each course in this school, based upon each text book. Robert has coordinated the work book projects as well as the people who are willing to check the answers when students send in the answers to the questions.

There is a nominal tuition charge, all of which will go toward the expenses of the School. But we are also working to find "Scholarship" money for those who cannot afford the tuition. We really do not want to turn anyone away for lack of money, because that would defeat our main purpose. There will also be the matter of purchasing the text books, but since I publish most of them myself, and put all of my books online free of charge, this should not be a financial burden to anyone.

All interested prisoners will be given scholarships, as we do not expect them to pay tuition costs. And since they do not have access to the internet, their workbooks will have to be handled by the postal service, rather than online.

This online Bible Institute is the most inexpensive way to teach the Scriptures. We do not have to buy land and buildings. We have very little overhead in comparison with "regular" schools. Most of our help is voluntary or paid only nominal amounts. None of us are doing this for a living, but because we believe in it and have the calling to do our part.

We are not going to try to gain "accreditation" as such. We want no government agency to tell us what we can or cannot teach. Even so, we will be issuing Certificates for each degree. These will not be of much use in a denominational church, of course, because they will only be impressed if you go to one of their schools. Our purpose is to teach the Scriptures in a more coordinated manner and to recognize each student for his/her diligence in completing the curriculum. This learning will also help to prepare those who feel called into any particular type of ministry, pastoral or otherwise.

Those who are interested should go to the following web site. It will give you overviews of the curriculum as well as an online form that you can fill out if you are interested in enrolling.

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