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Dung in Washington Released

Dec 19, 2006

In my book, The Laws of Wormwood and Dung, I showed that "wormwood" in the Bible is actually opium, which masks symptoms but does not cure the basic moral disease in a nation. It is characterized by bitterness toward God and man for allowing us to go through pain and suffering in life. The cure is Romans 8:28, to really know that all things work together for good.

Likewise, "dung" signifies heart idolatry in the law and particularly as it is explained by the prophet Ezekiel and also by Jesus in Matthew 15. The true Word of the Lord is good food. Dung is the result of man's processing this good food by their own understanding. That which we cannot understand (assimilate, digest) comes out the other end as dung and is unclean and contaminated. Not many sermons are preached on the laws of dung, but these are very important laws in Scripture.

The recent storm system in Washington State last Thursday and Friday caused power outages, which in turn shut down King County's West Point sewage treatment plant. According to The Seattle Times, Dec. 16, 2007,

"Power fluctuations brought on by high winds had tripped electrical relays on critical plant equipment. A surge of rainwater that flows into the same pipes as sewage had filled massive holding basins to overflowing, flooding equipment-filled rooms with several feet of murky wastewater. Overwhelmed, plant operators over a four-hour period piped possibly 60 million gallons or more of untreated sewage and stormwater straight into Puget Sound."

This is one of the spiritual signs in this Washington storm system that foreshadows what is about to happen in Washington D.C. The bad news is that the heart idolatry ("dung"), which is men's view or perception, is about to be exposed as mere dung. The good news is that it is about to be released so that the situation can be rectified by the Mercy of God.

There have been countless visions and revelations in the past, where people have seen the judgments of God coming upon America and upon the earth. Most of the time, people think of these judgments as irreversible, because it is generally assumed that a vision or revelation is a fixed prophecy that tells us what is about to come. However, one only has to look at the story of Jonah to see that "Yet 40 days and Nineveh shall be overthrown" (Jonah 3:4) was reversed by repentance.

A vision of judgment is usually a call to intercession and spiritual warfare, whose purpose is to prevent that very judgment from coming. At the very least, it is a call to lessen its effects by establishing higher levels of mercy and grace into the equation. A vision of judgment is not usually a call to stand aside and just let it happen, as if nothing further can be done.

I know that many have carried the burden of intercession on different levels since the beginning. My own experience in this regard begins in late 1981, when God called me into this type of work. He did not train me to do intercession; instead, He trained me through intercession. The intercession itself was a purifying work that taught me nearly everything I know about spiritual things. So I know from personal experience that intercessors are not perfect, nor do they need to be. God takes people as they are and then leads them and trains them to be what He wants them to be.

Today we are privileged to be living at the time of a great divine intervention in the history of the world. We are not living at the beginning of Babylon's captivity, as Daniel, but rather at the end of it. The fall of Babylon will take with it many nations and much wealth that many powerful men have accumulated for centuries. They will perceive the fall of Babylon as a personal calamity to them, because their lives are totally dependent upon that system.

Many church denominations will fall as well, for their well-being is also dependent upon the Babylonian system.

Governments, denominations, and people can be shaken with just a few glitches in the economic system. Most of their thought and energy goes into looking for new ways to make more money, rather than in building the Kingdom of God.

We have long seen the signs of the coming collapse of the US Dollar. Many economists have written about this, and government officials have worked very hard to prevent its collapse. The latest effort occurred on Dec. 14 and 15, when the Federal Reserve Chairman and the Treasury Secretary went to China to try to prevent the Chinese government from dumping dollars. China holds a trillion dollars of our debt. They have the power to collapse our entire economic system just by what they do with those dollars.

A Babylonian dollar is not really a sign of wealth. It is actually a Debt Note that is owed to the owners of the Federal Reserve System that issues these Debt-Notes. That is why they are called Federal Reserve NOTES. Each note is a debt, because it represents money that someone has borrowed into existence. China is the largest carrier of our debt today. If they were to spend those notes on things such as gold, silver, property, or goods, those notes would be dumped into the system like rainwater into the sewer system. Our debt-note treatment plant would be swamped.

In recent years the value of the dollar (notes) has gone down about 30 percent in relation to the euro. This is a huge drop. The Chinese don't like it that they are holding a trillion dollars that are continually decreasing in value. So they are threatening to dump dollars if America does not stop its policies that are destroying the dollar.

The American officials came away from their talks with China with very little to say, except that they claimed to have made some progress. The markets reacted positively, and the dollar rebounded a bit on the perception of progress. But reality will soon be re-established, and the dollar, I believe, will continue to slide.

Meanwhile, all the banks around the world are watching each other to see who will be first to run for the door to get out of their dollar holdings. No one wants to do it, because they know that everyone will lose if and when that happens. But when the first one does it, there will be a general panic as everyone dumps the dollar to get what they can out of it before it has absolutely no value at all. That will be the point where the real collapse happens.

Some are saying that this could have happened as early as Monday, Dec. 18 (yesterday), and that the Americans only convinced the Chinese to hold off until Monday. Well, yesterday is past, and this did not happen. The dollar merely slid at a normal pace. I am not a financial expert, but from the perspective of the divine plan, it does not seem likely that we will see this collapse in the immediate future (that is, within the next few months). I believe that part of the purpose of yesterday's prayer campaign was to give us more time by the mercy of God.

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